Crosaire No 14875 by Crossheir – Monday, September 3, 2012

Mon, Sep 3, 2012, 23:59



8 Potato (FIANNA potato) party without grass roots? (Fáil without FIANNA),

9 Writer (-PEN-) in Essex (Essex = EX-SES) (EXPENSES) negotiated overheads (EXPENSES),

10 Press out from splinters (splinters without ‘press’ = LINT) for short fine fibres (LINT),

11 Tourist perhaps (JOURNEYMAN) is reliable but not outstanding (JOURNEYMAN)

12 Organises the draft (DAMPER = in chimney it regulates the draft) with depressing effect (DAMPER),

14 Faithful (LOYALIST) exclamation (LO-) returning place (place = lay = -YAL-) to begin with (begin with = first = 1st = -IST) (LOYALIST),

15 One supposes slots well in here (slots in AMUSEMENT ARCADE) for delight (AMUSEMENT) at gallery (ARCADE),

18 It’s a small world (MINORITY) perhaps not being part of mainstream (not part of mainstream = MINORITY),

20 Between green and orange (YELLOW = between green and orange on the spectrum) and capable of running (running away = cowardly = YELLOW),

22 Not plain to see (FLIGHT PATH isn’t plain to see) how plane gets there (airplane follows FLIGHT PATH),

24 Artist (RA-) on the paper (The Financial Times  = -FT) (RAFT) takes to the waters (RAFT),

25 Goes around (ENCIRCLE) nice (nice = ENCI-) development leading to church (Roman Catholic = -RC-) of the French (the = -LE) (ENCIRCLE),

26 New in Ireland (new in Irish = NUA), Napoleon (-N-) goes to Clare (-CE) (NUANCE) for subtle difference (NUANCE).


1 Hard-rock (SILICA) graduate (BASILICA) makes herb (basil = BASIL-) with Irish Countrywomen’s Association (-ICA) for this (SILICA),

2 To come together (KNIT), we hear pepper (cayenne pepper = KN-) has to be next to it (-IT) (KNIT),

3 Herbalist (MARJORAM), in a manner of speaking, lays arm (-R-AM) on major (MA-JOR-) (MARJORAM),

4 Toolbar (MENU) gives opportunity to eat restaurateur’s words perhaps (MENU)

5 Spread out (OPEN-) letterhead (head of Letter = -L-) with fourth of July (fourth letter of JulY = -Y) (OPENLY) for all to see (OPENLY),

6 Letter from Rome (ENCYCLICAL) admits breakdown of New York City (NYC = -NCY-) in CIA cell (cia + cell = E-CLICAL) (ENCYCLICAL),

7 Lengths (-LAPS-) in grass (RE-ED) (RELAPSED) has gotten worse (RELAPSED)

13 Get a handle (PISTOL GRIP) perhaps on what’s learned in the army (PISTOL GRIP)?

14 Thin and tall (LANKY) inexperienced driver (L-) picks up American (yank = -ANKY) (LANKY),

16 Graduate (MA-) in (-IN-) queue (-LINE) for Irish Rail trip from Dublin to Galway (MAINLINE),

17 It’s a (A-) New York (-NY-) trait (-THING) (ANYTHING) for whatever (ANYTHING),

19 In one piece (INTACT) in (IN-) in race (-T-T) it’s electric (-AC-) (INTACT),

21 It’s the workplace (office = OFF ICE) for skater on the street (skater on the street is skater OFF ICE),

23 It’s a plot (A BED) in former bed (ABED = in bed; archaic spelling),

24 Bring in (REAP) unripe fruit (pear = REAP).