Crosaire No 14874 by Crossheir – Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sun, Sep 2, 2012, 23:59



1 Need to get off on right foot (must be in step for MARCHING) perhaps with command (ORDER) for military get-up (equipment for marching / ‘dressed in full marching order’ = MARCHING ORDER),

10 Leave (ABSENCE) distributing beans (beans = ABSEN-) on way to Clare (-CE) (ABSENCE),

11 Religious little flower (THERESA) is there (THERE-) near South Africa (-SA),

12 Crafty (-ART) to come up with copyright (C-) before transport (CART),

13 Recognisable features (FACES) for female (F-) champions (-ACES),

15 Eve leaves devices (‘dEVicEs’ without ‘eve’ = dics = DISC) on car windscreen (DISC on car windscreen),

17 Return listening device (listening device = tap = PAT) for Irishman (PAT),

19 Sells books (AMAZON) for key (music key = A-) Italian circuit (Monza = -MAZON),

21 And the others? (‘and the others’ = ‘et al’ = ET ALII) Yes, but the original way and so on (original ‘et al’ from Latin = ET ALII),

22 Dealers (dealers = LEADERS) fall to pieces in newspapers (LEADERS),

23 Clatter (RATTLE) when informer (RAT-) finds renovated rented flat (let = -TLE),

25 Jacob’s eldest (REUBEN = son of Jacob and forefather of tribe in Israel) gives reference (RE-) to you (-U-) Ben (-BEN),

27 Whatever way you say it (GAG is a palindrome), it’s still a joke (GAG),

29 Listener (-EAR) behind old sovereign (old sovereign = pound = L-) more sinned against than sinning in Will’s tragedy (King LEAR),

30 Graduate (BA-) has trick (-CON) to cure meat (BACON),

31 Looking back, Stanley (Stan = ANTS) likes to form a colony (ANTS live in a colony)

34 Can’t be proud of (ASHAMED) morning (-AM-) in a shed (a shed = ASH-ED) (ASHAMED)

35 What’s won or lost (what’s AT STAKE) is last place burning witch is found (AT STAKE),

36 Streetwalkers (MARCHING BANDS) tramping (MARCHING) with sashes (BANDS).


2 Gangster (Al Capone = Al) leaves one country (AUSTRALIA) (‘AustraLiA’ without ‘Al’ = austrai = AUSTRIA) for another nearer Italy (AUSTRIA),

3 Church (Church of England = CE-) bible (-NT) provides little currency (CENT),

4 Polar region (ICECAP) is wrong place to cool one’s heels (ICE CAP could cool head but not heels) perhaps,

5 On one’s marks go along with this (‘this’ = GET SET; “on your marks, GET SET, go!”),

6 To go around and around (REEL) is unpleasant to look (look = leer = REEL) back,

7 Break last letter in America (Z = zee = EZE-) on way to German port (-KIEL) for prophet (prophet = EZEKIEL),

8 Spring into summer (MARCH APRIL MAY) where the two girls (APRIL and MAY) are on parade (MARCH),

9 Convoluted noises (noises = -IONESS-) in cortèges (MARCH-ES) (MARCHIONESSES) for widows of marquesses (MARCHIONESSES),

14 Joker (CARD-) with one (-I-) account (-AC-) breaks your heart perhaps (CARDIAC)

16 Girl (HOLLY) is green and more than a little prickly (HOLLY)

18 Lost (lost or confused = AT SEA) breaking set (set = -T SE-) inside teetotaller’s meeting (A-A) (AT SEA),

20 Woman called after wedding (NEE) for what sounds like a joint (joint = knee = NEE),

21 Sounds like what you get from 24 down (24 down = Trachea; get ‘air’ through Trachea and ‘air’ = ERR) if you go wrong (ERR),

24 Gives you a breather (TRACHEA) for twinge (-ACHE-) in Banna Strand (Banna Strand = Irish beach = trá = TR-A) (TRACHEA),

26 Ring (BAND) a helping hand (AID) for temporary solution (BAND-AID),

27 G, H and I (GANDHI) wrapped in homespun (GANDHI),

28 Hear balloon burst (GO BANG) for graduate (BA-) carrying medal (GO -NG) (GO BANG)

32 Current (A -C) shelters Mother (MA-) (A MAC)in a waterproof coat (A MAC)

33 Like (AS-) one (-I-) with a (-A-) lot of land (ASIA).