Crosaire No 14873 by Crossheir – Friday, August 31, 2012

Fri, Aug 31, 2012, 23:59



1 Hiss (SPIT) flying with fire (SPITfire),

4 Cut through (KNIFE-) borders (-EDGES) for flat cutting sides (KNIFE-EDGES)

9 Sounds like you’d find this (CAREER) in the workshop (workshop = shop for work = employment agency = find CAREER) profession (CAREER),

10 Come together in the army (DIVISION); fall apart in politics (DIVISION),

11 Debutante had it (HAD A BALL), as did footballer (HAD A BALL),

12 Let Rio (let rio = LOITER) stand one’s ground perhaps (LOITER),

13 The dead centre (TOMB) for Thomas (TOM-) to meet bishop (-B),

15 Self-confidently embarrassed (SHEEPISHLY) lamb (SHEEP-) is (-IS-) is missing nothing (O) to be devout (‘holy’ without ‘o’ = hly = -HLY) (SHEEPISHLY),

17 Comfort (RELIEF) portrays (MAPS) illustration of the ups and downs of nature (RELIEF MAPS),

19 In habit (inhabit = LIVE), the French (the = LE) overlook the four (IV),

20 Announced who (who) gets to do (do) (‘whodo’ = HOODOO) Jonah? (Jonah = one associated with jinx or HOODOO),

22 Boss breaks down (boss = sobs = SOB S-) on Donegal island (-TORY) (SOB STORY) giving long, drawn-out excuse (SOB STORY),

25 Editor’s spike (stories were put on a ‘spike’ = not for printing = STOP PAGE), in a manner of speaking, has nowhere to go (STOPPAGE),

26 Frenchman (Monsieur = -M-) taken in by shares (certificate of shares = scrip = SCRIMP) to watch one’s pennies (SCRIMP),

27 Isotope has (Isotope has = APOTHEOSIS) got as high as it gets (APOTHEOSIS),

28 Take off (YANK) an American (YANK).


2 In the end, Elora (Elora = A ROLE) comes back to Hamlet (PLAY) to tread the boards (PLAY A ROLE)

3 Letter from Greece (THETA) for the (THE-) sign of gratitude (-TA),

4 A mark (a mark = KARMA) of what’s going to happen to you in the future for what you did in the past (KARMA),

5 Give in (INDULGE) for persona no longer involved in sleeping around (‘SleEPing AROuNd’ without ‘persona’ = leingud = INDULGE),

6 Some letter boxes (ENVELOPES), in a manner of speaking, have windows (some ENVELOPES have windows),

7 Work through (work finished = DISMISSAL) to hear this (this = DIS-) Christian text (-MISSAL),

8 Return bearing (bearing East = -E) support (pole = ELOP-) for away match (away match = married away = ELOPE),

14 You’re not supposed to see this (BLIND SPOT) pan (-POT) behind the awnings (awnings = blinds = BLIND SPOT),

15 Cut off sea (cut off sea = SUFFOCATE) and cut off air (SUFFOCATE),

16 The very man (-VERYMAN) you’re looking for is behind Number 51 (LI-) (LIVERYMAN) in the stables (LIVERYMAN is in the stables),

18 Boil (ABSCESS) science graduate (BSc = -BSC-) in choppy waters (waters = seas = A-ESS) (ABSCESS),

21 It’s either hot or cold here (ON TAP either hot or cold) in the bar  (ON TAP in the bar),

23 Degree (BA-) to which sister (-SIS) will go for foundation (BASIS),

24 That Kavanagh character (TARRY Flynn is the name of Patrick Kavanagh’s novel) will stay longer than intended (TARRY).