Crosaire No 14872 by Crossheir – Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thu, Aug 30, 2012, 23:59



1 Mad in Spain (LOCO-) with reason (-MOTIVE) for pulling trains (LOCOMOTIVE),

6 One’s friends (friends and relations = ‘kith and kin’ = KITH) equipment (KIT-) goes to her head (head of Her = -H),

10 Other side of coins (coins = SONIC) relate to sound waves (SONIC),

11 Pole ran in (Pole ran in = NONPAREIL) for no match here (NONPAREIL),

12 Winner has nothing to fear from these (ALSO-RANS) losers (ALSO-RANS),

13 They’re dances (BALLS) but too many (BALLS) to have a good time (to have a BALL),

15 It’s great to get away (ESCAPEE) and make the most of what’s to see (see = ES-E) around the Cape (-CAPE-) (ESCAPEE),

17 No to a Frenchman (no = NON-) in addition to (-PLUS) being in a state of surprise (NONPLUS),

19 It is you (is u = -ISU-), the ethnic Russian (Slav = V-ALS) (VISUALS), comes back over to catch the sights (VISUALS),

21 Gives out (RADIATE) to Irish God (-DIA-) in proportion (RA-TE) (RADIATE),

22 Where soldier doesn’t stick to guns (MESS-) near yard (-Y) is disorderly (MESSY),

24 Not sure of all this excitement (SUSPENSE) with feeling (S-ENSE) coming over broken infected tissue (pus = -USP-) (SUSPENSE),

27 Break habit (rut = TRU-) and see you (-CU-) before Easter (-LENT) (TRUCULENT), ready for a fight (TRUCULENT),

28 Never want to see these under table at Hellfire Club (HOOFS) playing footsies perhaps (HOOFS),

29 Take the road out of El Dorado (El DORADo without ‘road’ =  eldo = LODE) for line to earth’s core (LODE),

30 Estimate (ASSESSMENT) agreement (ASS-ENT) to cover mess (mess = -ESSM-) clean-up (ASSESSMENT).


1 Register (LIST) of what is (-IS-) held by lieutenant (L-T) (LIST),

2 Trick (CON-) French police (-FLIC-) with Eliot (-TS) as these don’t get any peace (CONFLICTS),

3 Red-blooded (MACHO) revolutionary (MA-O) embraces church (-CH-) (MACHO),

4 Shipping figure (TONNAGE) provides shade (shade = TON-E) over horse (-NAG-) (TONNAGE),

5 Meat (VENISON) goes wrong (wrong = sin = -NIS-) in makeshift oven (oven = VE-ON) (VENISON),

7 I’d (ID-) mix drink (ale = -EAL) and it’s perfect (IDEAL),

8 Nuncio (HALF of NUNcio = nun = sister = HALF-SISTER) leads to sis? (HALF of SISter = sis = HALF-SISTER),

9 Gaunt and lean, (RAWBONED) Edward (-NED) is at the end with raw (RAW-) personal stench (body odour = -BO-) (RAWBONED),

14 Type of music (HEAVY METAL) for 4 down possibly (tonnage = HEAVY METAL),

16 French plate (PLAT-) has you (-U-) mixed up with spy (spy = -YP-S) (PLATYPUS) as down under Bill follows duck (duck + bill = duckbill = PLATYPUS = a is mammal in Australia),

18 A stack of (LOAD-) rock (-STONE) is magnetic (LOADSTONE),

20 Saints (S-S) protect shattered rites (rites = -ISTER-) (SISTERS) in family tree (SISTERS)

21 Horse-show winner gets (ROSETTE) French bite in Lyon (ROSETTE de Lyon = French pork sausage),

23 Make a noise (SOUND) reliable (SOUND),

25 So (-OS), challenge the (the = ETH-) moral code (ETHOS),

26 This will attract attention (PSST) when afterthought (PS-) reaches the street (-ST).