Crosaire No 14871 by Crossheir – Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wed, Aug 29, 2012, 23:59



1 Once owed this to the lord (FEALTY = feudal tenant’s sworn loyalty to a lord or king) to be a lefty  (a lefty = FEALTY),

4 Egghead (head of Egg = E-) so (-S-O) manages crush (-PRESS-) (ESPRESSO) for coffee (ESPRESSO),

9 Why (Y-) vocal French cleric (-ABBÉ -) has right (-R) natter (YABBER),

10 Tom (CAT-) speaks old Greek language (-IONIC) for relating to ions (CATIONIC), 12 Painting (LANDSCAPE) grounds (LANDS-) near tip in South Africa (-CAPE),

13 Harvested plums (plums = SLUMP) fall sharply (SLUMP),

14 Come through (WEATHER-) evidence (-PROOF) as won’t rain on someone’s parade (WEATHERPROOF), in a manner of speaking,

18 By (BY) Pam (PAM) and bismuth (chemical name for bismuth = BI)! What’s in names (NAM- -ES) (NAMBY PAMBIES) for sissies (NAMBY-PAMBIES),

21 Take advantage of (AVAIL) gangster (Al Capone = Al = A-L) controlling way of travelling through (via = -VAI-) (AVAIL),

22 Swedes lie (Swedes lie = EDELWEISS) for Alpine plant (EDELWEISS),

24 Eda (Eda = -EAD-) gets dressed in green (green = REN-G-E) (RENEGADE) and leaves without authority (RENEGADE),

25 It’s the background light (RETINA) near it (near it = RETINA),

26 Rough sounding (SCRATCHY) barrister (SC-) stands by right (-R-) to breakdown Cathy (Cathy = -ATCHY),

27 Cinders looks down on (Cinderella, being taller, looks down on the dwarf SLEEPY) when tired (SLEEPY).


1 It’s dirty and unpleasant (FLYBLOWN) to travel by air (FLY-) with barrister (-BL-) on own (-OWN),

2 Alan (AL-AN) controls veto (-BAN-) with first person (-I-) (ALBANIAN) from the Balkans (ALBANIAN),

3 Down the back (-TRESS) with air conditioning (AC-) can play a part (ACTRESS),

5 Go Dutch with (SHARE-) year’s growth (-CROP-) for (-PER) (SHARECROPPER), someone who pays farm rent in America (SHARECROPPER),

6 Artist (RA-) in (-IN-) Tempest (-STORM) opens the heavens (RAINSTORM),

7 Get something wrong (SINFUL) making fun (fun = -NFU-) in silicon (SI-) lake (-L), (SINFUL)

8 Take possession of (OCCUPY) what’s exceptionally shy (shy = coy = OC-Y) about holding trophy (-CUP-) (OCCUPY),

11 Off top of one’s head (hairs = HAIR’S-), thickness (BREADTH) is very close, but not close enough (HAIR’S BREADTH),

15 Leader (HEAD-) going to a match (match = -LIGHT) is potential flasher (HEADLIGHT),

16 Nobleman (viscount = -VIS-) with me (-I-) in dive (D-IVE) (DIVISIVE) is causing disagreement between people (DIVISIVE),

17 I+SOS+2+C announced (= say “I+SOS+2+C” to hear ISOSTASY) equilibrium in Earth’s crust (ISOSTASY)

19 Parts of marine mammal (WALRUS) found in Russia (RUSsia) and Wales (WALes) (= Wal + Rus = WALRUS),

20 Listener (EAR-) bearing (bearing North = -N-) hesitation (-ER) for breadwinner (EARNER),

23 Raw edge (edge of raW = W-) on foot (-HEEL) goes round and round (WHEEL).