Crosaire No 14870 by Crossheir – Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tue, Aug 28, 2012, 23:59



8 Main support (GIRDER) turning back revolutionary (red = -DER) machine (rig = GIR-),

9 Grotesque rural nag (rural nag = GRANULAR) consisting of small particles (GRANULAR),

10 Showman leaves washerwomen (wASHerWOMeN without ‘showman’ = were = WE’RE) for what we are (we are = WE’RE)

11 At the same time (COINCIDENT), comes across change (COIN-) to identification (-ID-) in local currency (cent = -C-ENT) (COINCIDENT),

12 Chinese philosophy (TA-O) covering race (-TT-) circuit (-O) (TATTOO) has it’s own body language perhaps (TATTOO)?,

14 Sensational (DRAMATIC) little whiskey (DRAM) served to one (-I-) caught in wobbly act (act = -AT-C) (DRAMATIC),

15 Holding on (STICKING) for (P-ER) covering last (-LAST-) (PLASTER) inadequate temporary solution (STICKING PLASTER),

18 One (I) man (MAN) (= -INMA-) breaks down between flagpole (MA-ST) (MAINMAST) in sailing ship (MAINMAST),

20 Battle (WAR-) near French sea (-MER) is not as cold (WARMER),

22 Milliner perhaps (milliner = HAT- MAN) oversees how to make mark (mark = etch  = -CHET-) (HATCHET MAN) for a job-hunter, in a manner of speaking (HATCHET MAN = fires workers),

24 Stroke (TICK), by the sound of it, on time (TICK),

25 Spear (-LANCE-) lands in substandard (BA-D) (BALANCED) fair (BALANCED),

26 Watches out (SENTRY) for postman perhaps (postman = man on post = SENTRY).


1 Broken dudes (dudes = men = -NEM-) surrounded by US intelligence (CI-A) (CINEMA) for pictures (CINEMA),

2 Woodcutter (ADZE) found in trance (daze – ADZE),

3 Brother (BRO-) up front takes the wind out of this (colic = -CCOLI) vegetable (BROCCOLI),

4 Mixing grapefruit and tangerine (UGLI) sounds awful (ugly = UGLI),

5 Training authority (FÁS-) joins intelligence agency (-CIA) in front of driver (FASCIA is in front of driver in car; the dashboard),

6 Is it taxman’s job for Government (FUNDRAISER) to pay for (FUND) razor (razor = -RAISER), say?

7 Make up lowest score (nil = -LIN-) in Maine (MAIN-E) (MAINLINE) on track (MAINLINE on track),

13 At last Cian (-CIAN) discovers what it means to be ethnic (ethnic = TECHNI-) (TECHNICIAN) and scientifically proficient (TECHNICIAN),

14 On hand (finger = DIGIT) to turn it over (DIG IT),

16 No holding this one back (TEARAWAY) from being a rip-off (rip-off = TEAR AWAY),

17 It’s an obscenity (LEWDNESS) to end (end = -DNE-) up with Western leader (Western leader = -W-) covered by less (LE-SS) (LEWDNESS)

19 Work permit for a particular product (AGENCY) for a gent (for a gent = for agent = AGENCY),

21 Make the rest (rest = ES-RT) take over county (-CO-) (ESCORT) for company


23 Expression of (MODE of expression) what happens when demo (demo = MODE) gets out of hand,

24 Dynasty (TANG dynasty) leaves sour taste in the mouth (TANG).