Crosaire No 14869 by Crossheir – Monday, August 27, 2012

Mon, Aug 27, 2012, 23:59



8 Unbroken view of countryside (PANORAMA) for Oman and Russians leaders (Oman and Russians leaders = -OR-) in Central America country (PAN-AMA),

9 No way through this (OPAQUE) for old (O-) father (-PA-) to go to French Canada (-QUE),

10 Exclamation (COR-), we hear, why (-Y-) turning street map (street map = A to Z = AZ = -ZA) gives symptom of hay fever (CORYZA),

11 Put together lowest point (base = -ASEB-) in dance (B-ALL) (BASEBALL) to play it in America (BASEBALL),

12 Well-mannered (URBANE) old Pope (URBAN-) goes to Spain (-E)

13 Gee, Burke (gee burke = UBERGEEK) is a really clever obsessive on computers (UBERGEEK),

15 We hear doesn’t tell the truth (liar = LYRE used especially in ancient Greece) from Greece as always strings attached (LYRE).

17 Dramatic scene (TABLEAU) when Bill (bill = TAB-) mixed drink (ale = -LEA-) close to you (-U),

19 Drives a (drives a = ADVISER) person who gives direction (ADVISER),

22 At last, about (-RE) to draw attention to (draw attention to = LO-) old tales (LORE),

24 That silver (AG-) rubbish (-LITTER) (A GLITTER) has a shimmering, superficial quality (A GLITTER),

27 Catholic leader (Catholic leader = C-) in Peru (-LIMA-) gets to vote (to vote = tick box = -X) (CLIMAX) for high spot (CLIMAX),

29 Father (Rev = VER-) goes back to opening (-MOUTH) for aperitif (VERMOUTH),

30 High ground (HEIGHT) for Henry (H-) VIII (-EIGHT),

31 For strong unpleasant smell (STENCH) point (compass point South = S-) at fish (-TENCH),

32 Self-motivation! (self motivation = self drive = RENT A CAR) Is this what children think of parents when they want a lift? (RENT A CAR).


1 Lean toward (FAVOUR) old supporter’s badge (badge worn to show support or FAVOUR),

2 Won’t let one’s hair down with this (PONYTAIL keeps hair up) horsey look (PONYTAIL),

3 At a panel  (at a panel = PANATELA) for long smoke  (PANATELA cigar),

4 About time (H-OUR), rebuilt pub (bar = -ARB-) (HARBOUR) where there’s port (HARBOUR),

5 Folks will (folks’ll’ = FO’C'SLE) hear this in front of ship (FO’C'SLE),

6 Rhythm and Blues (R & B = R-B-) both have silver (AG) (RAGBAG) odds and sods (RAGBAG),

7 Sweet (BULL’S EYE sweet) to be centre of attention (BULL’S EYE) perhaps,

14 With stand (withstand = BEAR) gets yield (bear) near fruit (BEAR fruit),

16 Hear you will (you will = you’ll = YULE) stack log with this (YULE log),

18 Shocking tiger ate (tiger ate = AIGRETTE) long plume with feathers worn on hat  (AIGRETTE),

20 Sailor (DECKHAND) has all cards (DECK has all the cards) on the clock (-HAND is on the clock),

21 Not friendly (INIMICAL) to make claim (claim = -MICAL) after I (I-) find nickel (-NI-),

23 Fruit machine (ORCHARD), in a manner of speaking, is hard (-HARD) on ugly war-like creature (ORC-) (ORCHARD),

25 Not affected (IMMUNE), I’m  (IM-) ahead of Frenchman (Monsieur = -M-) for one in France  (one = -UNE),

26 Sounds like it was hard (taut = TAUGHT) to give lessons in the past (TAUGHT),

28 Cinders (ASH-) and lamb (-RAM) get away from it all in India (ASHRAM = places of retreat for Hindus).