Crosaire No 14868 by Crossheir – Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sun, Aug 26, 2012, 23:59



1 It’s a lottery (FOOTBALL POOLS) for splashing in (POOLS) after 12 in (12in = FOOT-) prom (-BALL),

10 Send letters (OUTPOST), in a manner of speaking, as it’s very isolated here


11 In time (a second in time = SECOND-) ordered to start (start of Ordered = -O) section of duet (SECONDO is lower part of duet),

12 Make a mug (TOBY jug/mug) out of toy (TO-Y) with bad start (Bad start = -B- = TOBY),

13 Relatively close (UNCLE) a French (a = une = UN-E) shelters 150 (-CL-),

15 Takes shape (CAST) working in film (CAST),

17 Being familiar with plot effigy (GUY Fawkes = gunpowder plot/effigy) leads Leo to leave eulogy (EuLOgy without ‘leo’ = ugy = GUY),

19 It’s definitely A+ (A+ = A CROSS = ACROSS),

21 Grounds (STADIA) for holy man (ST-) to meet a (-A-) God in Ireland (-DIA),

22 Self-importance (HAUTEUR) of filmmaker (-AUTEUR) on heroin (H-),

23 Give permission to (LET-) Henry (-HAL) to be really dangerous (LETHAL),

25 Fall short of (MISS-) a (-A-) liberal (-L) text for the masses (MISSAL),

27 Needs neck (garland around neck = LEI) for one’s money worth in Romania (LEI is currency in Romania),

29 Wax lyrical (GUSH) for Mercury sprayed back (HG = G-H) over you and I (-US-),

30 In short, doesn’t possess (doesn’t possess = HAS NOT = HASN’T) cap (HA-T) with two points (two points = South + North = -SN- = HASN’T),

31 No (NO-) laugh (HA = -AH) coming back to boatman (NOAH),

34 No (NO-) light (-UV- light) near German water (-EAU de Cologne) perhaps for what’s new in Lyon (Lyon, France; ‘new’ in France = NOUVEAU),

35 Quiz (TEST) Irish woman (BAN) for a Treaty (TEST BAN treaty),

36 Trap’s army perhaps (Trapattoni’s army perhaps = FOOTBALL CRAZY) out of one’s mind (CRAZY) after end of (end of = foot of = FOOT-) dance (-BALL).


2 To be (-TOBE-) covered by old bird (roc = OC-R = OCTOBER) reborn in autumn (OCTOBER is in autumn),

3 Parisian city perhaps (Parisian city perhaps = the Trojan warrior Paris was from TROY),

4 Provisional (ACTING) current (AC-) brings tin (-TIN-) to Gulf (-G),

5 Finally (LASTLY), there’s fifty (-L-) in the French (the = LA-) pig house (-ST-Y),

6 Oh, (O-) you see  (-UC-) hothead (Hothead = -H) to express pain (OUCH),

7 Fat (L-ARD) covers any (-ANY-) cord (LANYARD) for those who like to be prepared (‘be prepared’ = Scout motto = a scout wears LANYARD cord),

8 Organises transfers (FOOTBALL AGENT) for spy (AGENT) following on foot (FOOT-) to have a good time (have a good time = have a ball = -BALL),

9 Chinese (CHAN-) with time (-T) follow 12-inch (FOOT-) masquerade (-BALL) singing The Dubs are Back (FOOTBALL CHANT),

14 Strings (TIES) attached to container (CUP) for knock-out football (CUP TIES),

16 It’s the expression of contempt (PSHAW) for Irish writer (SHAW) behind Prince (P-),

18 Dress for playing (football STRIP) when there’s no life (-RIP) on street (ST-),

20 Little girl (SAL) returns as (as = SA-) novice (-L),

21 2+2+2+2+2 (a SUM),

24 Test you do (test u do = TESTUDO) in Rome to protect the army (TESTUDO),

26 Little arts business (BIZ) behind display (SHOW) is connected to films (SHOW BIZ),

27 Libyan leader (Libyan leader = L-) has account (-AC-) with Irish girl (-UNA) for gap in book (LACUNA),

28 Plant the idea (INSTIL) establishing isn’t (isn’t = -INST-) in Illinois (I-L),

32 Not the worst (BEST) street (-ST) to be (BE-) on,

33 Both (both = boat = -SS-), say, between your (U-R) former partners initially (former partners = USSR) initially.