Crosaire No 14867 by Crossheir – Friday, August 24, 2012

Fri, Aug 24, 2012, 23:59



1 Look closely at (PEER) hesitation (-ER) following exercise (PE-),

4 Say farewell (bye = by) – it’s a great distance (A LONG WAY) by far (BY A LONG WAY),

9 Grow old (AGE) in hole (PI-T) with Swiss professor of children (Jean PIAGET = prominent child psychologist),

10 Correct copy (-EDIT-) in Jerusalem (S-ION) rebellion (SEDITION),

11 Dubiously rely on poem (rely + poem = EMPLOYER) sets some to work perhaps (EMPLOYER),

12 They make cider (APPLES) throwing drink (A-LES) over father (-PP-),

13 Skinhead (Skinhead = S-) has saying (-TAG line): no women allowed here (STAG night),

15 Legal document selling (BILL OF SALE) what’s presented as all foibles (all foibles = BILL OF SALE),

17 Don’t show pilot study (SCREEN TEST) to get part in film (SCREEN TEST),

19 Therefore (SO-), for that reason (-SO), this is not the best but it’s not the worst either (SO-SO),

20 Rye mob (rye mob = EMBRYO) is a small seed (EMBRYO),

22 Could be black and white (print) and red (read) (read printed RACECARD) say at the Curragh (RACECARD),

25 How setter (setter = Irish setter = dog) keeps in touch with walker (ON A LEASH) under control (ON A LEASH),

26 Try (TR-Y) catching something to swallow (-EAT-) before Irish civil war (TREATY was before Irish civil war),

27 Reliance on (reliance on = OCEAN LINER) carrying passengers overseas (OCEAN LINER),

28 Fail to see (MISS) is in the script (‘is’ in the ‘manuscript’ = ‘is’ in ‘ms’ = MISS).


2 Difficult to interpret (ENIGMATIC) giant mice (giant mice = ENIGMATIC),

3 Fit for king (REGAL) to go back on the drink (lager = REGAL),

4 There’s a teetotaller (TT) in the inlet (BA-Y) and he’s insane (BATTY),

5 Down south (AUSTRAL) with first-class return (AI = -IA) down under (AUSTRALIA)

6 Eccentric (ODD) man (MAN) not at home (OUT) for square peg in round hole perhaps (ODD MAN OUT),

7 Confidences between you and me and this (phrase: ‘between you and me and the gatepost’ = in strict confidence; ‘confidences = GATEPOSTS) bound to hold door shut (GATEPOSTS),

8 Harmony (AT ONE) when you make amends (ATONE),

14 Guam (GU-) has time (-ER-A) to cross stream (-RILL-) for terrorist (GUERRILLA),

15 Duck and dive heard here with top of the house (‘duck and dive’ and ‘top of the house’ are terms heard in BINGO HALL),

16 Rituals (RITES) at the end (LAST) when saying goodbye (LAST RITES),

18 Listener  (EAR-) at that time (-THEN) is fired (EARTHEN),

21 Guy (MAN) in charge (IC) causes wild excitement (MANIC),

23 It’s a cert (a cert = CATER) to provide food and drink (CATER),

24 Chapter (C) with sheets of paper (-REAM) is the finest (the finest/best = the CREAM).