Crosaire No 14866 by Crossheir – Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thu, Aug 23, 2012, 23:59



1 Good for washing someone down (SPONGE) with lady’s finger (-CAKE) for afternoon tea (SPONGE CAKE),

6 What a dog might say (WOOF) to gain love of (WOO-) French capital (French capital  = -F),

10 To keep going around (CYCLE) you need your feet (you need your feet to CYCLE),

11 Ever bleed (ever bleed = BELVEDERE) for open-sided gallery (BELVEDERE),

12 Not mad (S-ANE) about contrived plea (plea = -EAPL-) for aircraft (SEAPLANE),

13 Could start (start of Could = C-) to laugh (-HA-) very loud (-FF) for light-hearted banter (CHAFF),

15 Nothing (O) at (AT) confection (CAKE) is a biscuit (OATCAKE)

17 Do this to the tune of jelly on the plate (‘jelly on the plate’ is a skipping rhyme = SKIP-) for (-PER) captain (SKIPPER),

19 Boy comes back (boy = lad = -DAL) to examine (SCAN-) shocking incident (SCANDAL),

21 Alf sure (Alf sure = REFUSAL) jumper got four points for this (REFUSAL),

22 Crazily sick (ill = LIL-) on account (-AC) for being related to Olive (LILAC is related to olive tree),

24 Palindromic lady (VIV-) comes across a metropolis (a city = -ACITY) characterized by high spirits (VIVACITY),

27 A table (A-TABLE) covering broken home (pad = – DAP-) is flexible (ADAPTABLE),

28 With no sea in Lausanne (LauSAnnE without ‘sea’ = launn = ANNUL) declare null and void (ANNUL),

29 Follow television star (star TREK) on journey (TREK),

30 What’s the point of leaving (point of leaving = DEPART-) me (-ME-) with bible (-NT) ministry (DEPARTMENT)?


1 It’s a bit of a blow (SOCK is a blow) for what Judy started out life as perhaps (Judy is a puppet who started out life as a SOCK),

2 In the end, arts (arts = -STRA) go back to revolutionary (-CHE-) or (OR-) group of instrumentalists (ORCHESTRA),

3 Sounds like head of Government (head of Government = G = GEE) is awake (UP) and heard at the Curragh regularly (GEE UP),

4 King (BB King = -BB-) in prison (CA-GE) for taking side of pig with this (side of pig = bacon [with] ‘this’ = CABBAGE = bacon and cabbage),

5 It’s not their job to keep you alive (KILLERS) for hilarious jokes, however informal (hilarious informal jokes = KILLERS),

7 Singers and musicians in drama (OPERA) are (are = -ERA) in the end with rising river (Po = OP),

8 Fight like cats and dogs (FREE-FOR-ALL) and it doesn’t cost anyone a penny apparently (FREE-FOR-ALL),

9 Goes on ahead (KERCHIEF goes on a head) when king (K-) with hesitation (-ER-) meets boss (-CHIEF),

14 Providing expert advice (CONSULTANT) round-the-clock (CONS-TANT) around University of Limerick (-UL-),

16 Bad manners (AUDACITY) to go over figures (AUD-IT) and over account (-AC-) at start of year (start of Year = -Y),

18 Over and done with (PAST) anxious (TENSE) way of saying is historically (way of saying ‘is’ historically = was = PAST TENSE),

20 Liking for (LOVE-) biblical figure (Abel = -ABLE) we hear is deserving of affection (LOVEABLE),

21 Nice location (RIVIERA) for Irish king (RI-) and the six (VI-) to come to generation (-ERA),

23 Don’t come back (LEAVE) from holiday (LEAVE),

25 Follow Mother’s sister (Aunt = -ANT) say to Switzerland (CH-) for rallying call (CHANT),

26 French dish (PLAT) from plot of land (PLAT).