Crosaire No 14865 by Crossheir – Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wed, Aug 22, 2012, 23:59



1 Deaden sound (MUFFLE) for donkey (MU-LE) covering loud noise (-FF-),

4 Special moment (OCCASION) for officer commanding (OC-) and accountant (-CA-) on way to Jerusalem (-SION),

9 This is the life again (RELIVE), in a manner of speaking, about (RE-) returning evil (evil = -LIVE),

10 Very suspicious (PARANOID) solider (PARA-) with no (-NO-) means of identification (-ID),

12 Not handsome is as handsome does (‘handsome is as handsome does’ = character is more important than appearance; so ‘not’ this = GOOD LOOKS) for excellent (GOOD) views (LOOKS),

13 Rashers and sausages (GRILL) make Greece (GR) sick (ILL)

14 Alice got through this (LOOKING GLASS) peeping (LOOKING) at Crystal (GLASS) 18 Acted (ACT- -ED) over atom (ION) kit (PACK) (ACTION PACKED) for what thriller is (ACTION-PACKED),

21 Is this how to turn e-reader (e-tome = EMOTE) perhaps into theatrical feeling in film? (EMOTE),

22 Huggy-kissy kind of person you could say (TOUCH-TYPE) never looks at the keys (TOUCH-TYPE = one never looks at the keys),

24 Record (record =REC-) about (-RE-) worker (-ANT) is unfaithful to the past (unfaithful to a belief is a dated word = RECREANT),

25 Break run in the past  (‘run’ in the past = past tense of ‘run’ = ran = -ARN-) with old (-OLD) golfer or film star on first name terms (golfer ARNOLD Palmer or film star ARNOLD Schwarzenegger),

26 How it (HOWIT-) and final character (-Z-) hesitates (-ER) for firing shells


27 Name is (name is = INSEAM) for American clothesline (INSEAM is an American term for line in trousers).


1 Sounds like wed (wed = marry = MARI-) to riches (-GOLD) and related to Daisy (MARIGOLD = daisy family),

2 Foreign office (FO-) novice (-L-) low (-LOW) on (ON) being forced to bat again (FOLLOW-ON in cricket is being forced to bat again),

3 Whatever way you come at this (palindrome) even (LEVEL) the French (the = le -EL) will get a sign of victory (-V-),

5 One (I) in chase (chase + ‘i’  = “CHAISE) isn’t short (LONG-) of upending European Union (EU= -UE) for reclining (for reclining = CHAISE LONGUE),

6 Don’t feel the pinch perhaps (ANALGESIA) when all look back for African leader (African leader  = -A) is (IS) example (EG) to Lana (LANA) (A IS EG LANA ‘when all look back’ = read backwards = ANALGESIA),

7 I see (IC-IC) both sides on (-ON-) (ICONIC) Greek statue (ICONIC),

8 No (NO-) theologian (-DD-) with the French (the = le = -LE) old head (NODDLE = dated word for ‘head’),

11 Marathon runner covers this (LONG-DISTANCE) call to America (LONG-DISTANCE),

15 How to have cold wet weather (INCLEMENT) in (IN-) mild weather (CLEMENT),

16 Okay (OKEY-DOKE) for Oscar (O-) to have key (-KEY-) going to party (-DO-) near Kildare (-KE),

17 Damn dude (damn dude = ADDENDUM) at the end is one for the books (ADDENDUM comes at the end of books),

19 Love (HEART-) head start (Head start  = -H) for symbol for home (HEARTH symbol for ‘home’),

20 Doctor’s (MO’s = MOS-) dinghy (-SCOW) is capital (MOSCOW),

23 She (HER-) is on (-ON) to this long-legged bird (HERON).