Crosaire No 14864 by Crossheir – Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tue, Aug 21, 2012, 23:59



8 Student (BA-) doctor (-MB-) loves (-OO) cane (BAMBOO),

9 Lyric (lyric = C-LI-RY) about Leo (Leo = -OL-E-) is mine (COLLIERY),

10 Old language between Ireland and England (MANX) in a manner of speaking is tailless (MANX cat is tailless),

11 Not so much on track as the track (BROAD GAUGE) for wide (BROAD) yardstick (GAUGE),

12 Party (FIESTA) without nitro in fire station (fiRe staTION without ‘nitro’ = FIESTA),

14 Irregular behaviour (ABERRANT) for sailor (AB-) to make a mistake (-ERR-) with insect (-ANT),

15 United Nations (UN-) quiz (-QUESTION-) in (-IN-) long (-L-) yard (-Y) unconditionally (UNQUESTIONINGLY),

18 Double agent (SPY-) with vessel (-GLASS) takes a closer look (SPYGLASS),

20 Imitate (APE-) folk (-MEN) who arrived before us (APEMEN arrived before us),

22 Well-built man is (man is = AN-ISM) covering badge (TAG) on (ON) (-TAGON-) fierce opposition  (ANTAGONISM),

24 Stock holder (BARN) for a drink (BAR) near pole (North pole = -N),

25 Goes in the ring (SHOELACE) fit to be tied perhaps (SHOELACE is fit to be tied),

26 Look through (SEARCH) seal (SEAR-) on way to church (-CH).


1 On the hunt (SAFARI) for football association (-FA-) in Indian outfit (SA-RI),

2 Goat (IBEX) gets one (I-) to be (-BE-) cross (-X),

3 The authority (TOP BRASS) to give a toss (TO-SS) over artist (-RA-) with personal best (-PB-),

4 Sounds sounds sounds (ECHO) like it’s made for the paper (ECHO),

5 It’s a waste (SLUDGE) for director general (-DG-) trapped in violent movement (SLU-E),

6 Ran (-RAN-) into sergeant (-SAR-GE = -SARRANGE) behind detective inspector (DI-) to put out of place (DISARRANGE),

7 Ailing or (ailing or = ORIGINAL) genuine (ORIGINAL),

13 Not to be pressed (SOUR GRAPES not to be pressed for wine) for a whiny response from the loser you could say (SOUR GRAPES),

14 Has another name (ALIAS) for one (-I-) caught up in expression of grief (alas + ‘i’ = ALIAS),

16 Northeast (NE-) writer (-PEN-) with the (-THE) drug that helps you forget Homer’s Odyssey perhaps  (NEPENTHE),

17 Close thing (NEAR MISS) around the corner (NEAR) perhaps with young woman (MISS),

19 Nora (-NORA-) is in Alaska (A-K) for trainspotter (ANORAK),

21 Add nutrients to (ENRICH) key (music key = E-) point (= North = -N-) doing well (RICH),

23 Crude die (die = IDE-) before a (-A) thought (IDEA),

24 With right (R) partner to jam (‘bread and jam’= partners; BEAD with ‘r’ = bread;) otherwise it’s one of a string (bead = one of a string of beads)