Crosaire No 14863 by Crossheir – Monday, August 20, 2012

Mon, Aug 20, 2012, 23:59



8 Sounds like lament (lament sound = -CHANT) after French sea (MER-) trader (MERCHANT),

9 Womaniser (STUD-) carrying cross (cross = X = -IO) makes films (STUDIO),

10 It’s not weak (STRONG) to have tempo (Tempo = -T-) right (-R-) in ballad (S-ONG),

11 There’s a pig (a hog = -AHOG) in many (M-ANY) a type of high-quality furniture (MAHOGANY),

12 Art man goes berserk (art man = MANTRA) saying it again and again and again (= MANTRA),

13 Prepares bird (wren = NEW-R) to fly over what’s come (-COME) to be known as a stranger (NEWCOMER),

15 Detailed proposal (PLAN) for Estonia to leave Neapolitans (nEapOlITANS without ‘Estonia’ = napl = PLAN),

17 Dumplings (GNOCCHI) cause German leader (German leader = G-) with no (-NO-) carbon copy (-CC-) to say hello (-HI),

19 It’s just the ticket (VOUCHER) for flustering over (over = VO-ER) you (-U-) going to church (-CH-),

22 Ring (O) in what’s said in the present (‘said’ in the present tense = say = S-YA = SOYA), Old Bean (SOYA)

24 Paul came (Paul came = MEA CULPA) to say I’m responsible (MEA CULPA),

27 Most important part (KERNEL) for Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan leader = K-) and Latvian (Latvian leader = -L) leaders meeting around lough (Lough ERNE = KERNEL),

29 Lily (ALL-IUM) with the ultra violet (-UV-) is down stream (ALLUVIUM is deposit left by streams/rivers),

30 Public relations (PR-) in (-IN-) Clare (-CE) for close relative of monarch (PRINCE),

31 You and me (US-) are capable of (-ABLE) being in working order (USABLE),

32 Everything (ALL-) around East (-E-) has grisly (-GORY) moral hidden meaning (ALLEGORY).


1 Turn a (-A) space on ship (BERTH-) for big girl to cause a bang (big BERTHA = weapon developed for first World War),

2 A bit of a puzzle (ACROSTIC) how this sounds like a fool is irate (a fool is irate = a cross thick = ACROSTIC),

3 Chart (GRAPH) behind counter (BAR) gives analysis of data (BAR GRAPH),

4 Horrible stain (stain = ST-INA) covers morning (-AM-) in a show of endurance (STAMINA),

5 Has nothing to do with (ESCHEW) a stew (a stew = ESCHEW), in a manner of speaking

6 Very eager (GUNG-HO) to shoot swine (hog = -G-HO) to pieces,

7 Squeeze nine (nine = IENN-) into Eve’s (V-ESE) in Austria (VIENNESE)

14 Resentful longing (ENVY) wherever green is worn perhaps (green with ENVY),

16 Is (-IS-) on record (L-P) as needing speech therapy (LISP),

18 Crying out for (NEED-) not so much (-LESS) is uncalled for (NEEDLESS),

20 Has some gall (gall = OAK APPLE) putting fruit (-APPLE) behind tree (OAK),

21 I (I) am in a temper (R-AGE) following transport (CAR-) for train (CARRIAGE),

23 Nothing (O-) at (-AT-) this meal (-MEAL) for breakfast (OATMEAL for breakfast),

25 Express surprise (CRUMBS) for bits of bagel perhaps (CRUMBS),

26 Take one’s time (LOITER) engineering role (role = LO-ER) around it (-IT-),

28 Come out in the end perhaps (ENCORE) before you leave (ENCORE).