Crosaire No 14862 by Crossheir – Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sun, Aug 19, 2012, 23:59



1 Set up prime location (HEADQUARTERED) for controller (HEAD) cut four ways (QUARTERED)

10 Unlock mortise (mortise = EROTISM) perhaps to mix love with desire (love + desire = EROTISM),

11 It’s the Ferrari (FAST ONE) trick (FAST ONE),

12 House (DÁIL) is first class (-AI-) in Donegal (D-L),

13 Consumption (USAGE) is the American (American = US-) era (era = -AGE),

15 Local authority (CRED) addition to street perhaps (street CRED),

17 Gives a lift while driving (golf TEE peg lifts up ball while driving off the TEE for each hole) of course (course = golf course = TEE),

19 Watcher (VIEWER) is six (VI-) ahead of pitcher with wide mouth (-EWER),

21 Hands together (PAWPAW) for who wants a fruit (PAWPAW),

22 On top of this (RAN OVER) it didn’t end when it said it would (RAN OVER),

23 Cloth (RA-G) covers metal container (-TIN-) for assessment (RATING),

25 Car manufacturer (-OPEL) protects image before (PR-) drive (PROPEL),

27 Stuart leaves fruit bats (‘fRUiT bATS’ without ‘Stuart’ = FIB) to tell lie (FIB),

29 Arab leader (EMIR) can turn frosty (frosty = rime = EMIR),

30 It’s said (VOCAL) you can hear it (VOCAL),

31 Attract attention (YO) to old city (UR) belonging to you (YOUR),

34 Water mattress (LAKE BED) is perhaps a low point (LAKE BED),

35 Can’t believe (SURREAL) the French (the = la = -AL) get it wrong (err = -RRE-) coming back with everything to us (us = -SU),

36 Right behind you (HEAD RESTRAINT) in car (HEAD RESTRAINT).


2 It’s a touchy subject (EMOTIVE) I’ve (-IVE) the book (book = tome = EMOT-) back,

3 Said in a way (said = DAIS) for raising profile of seat (raised platform = DAIS),

4 You (U-) nearly all come (-MOST) after tea (-T-) for greatest amount (UTMOST),

5 Cut price (fee = -EF-E) on rug (R-UG-) for security (REFUGE),

6 Not hard (EASY) to get a yes (a yes = EASY) from this,

7 Freud on holiday perhaps (EGO TRIP) got to pier (got pier = EGO TRIP),

8 Is this how Anne Boleyn ended up (Anne Boleyn beheaded = HEAD OVER HEELS) because of Henry VIII being madly in love? (in love = HEAD OVER HEELS),

9 CEOs (HEADS) will (WILL) turn and turn (ROLL) losing jobs in future (losing jobs in future = HEADS WILL ROLL),

14 Good for the heart and lungs (AEROBIC) to be (be = -E-B-) in Cairo (Cairo = A-RO-IC) (AEROBIC),

16 Lord’s labourer (serf = FER-S) gathering around point (compass point = North = -N-) for fronds (FERNS)

18 Harold in London (Harold = Harry + drop ‘H’ = -ARRY) follows Chinese leader (Chinese leader = C-) for transfer (CARRY),

20 This newspaper sensationalises (RAG) return of fish (gar = RAG),

21 Whatever way you look at it it’s full of energy (full of energy = PEP),

24 Let (let = T-LE) go over flutter (-WINK-) flash (TWINKLE),

26 In favour of (PRO-) one (-I-) in ten (-TE-N) dietary component (PROTEIN)

27 That is (-IE) after foie gras (FOOD-) for epicure (FOODIE),

28 Low-pitched (BASS-) and in France (and = -ET) a dog (BASSET),

32 What the collector said (I BID) of the same source (IBID),

33 Space (AREA) is about (-RE-) what is in first letters (A-A).