Crosaire No 14861 by Crossheir – Friday, August 17, 2012

Fri, Aug 17, 2012, 23:59



1 AE no longer with Samuel (SAmuEl without ‘ae’ = smul = SLUM) living in poorer part of town (SLUM),

4 Capuchin habit literally in Italian (CAPPUCCINO) makes coffee (CAPPUCCINO),

9 In charge (In Charge = IC-) I see (-IC-) with the French (the = -LE) frozen water  (ICICLE),

10 Rule out (PRECLUDE) mention of speed of light (speed of light is denoted by ‘C’ = -C-) in introduction (prelude + ‘c’ = PRECLUDE),

11 Going along these lines (PARALLEL lines side by side) you’ll never meet your match (PARALLEL lines never meet),

12 Manage to support oneself without (to support oneself with ‘out’ = eke out = -EKE-) being in the red (RE-D) for what smelt badly (REEKED),

13 Devil (-IMP) lurking behind worker’s leader (Worker’s leader = W-) is a coward (WIMP),

15 The Britons (the Britons = BIRTHSTONE) in life perhaps at other end of gravestone (BIRTHSTONE = life and birth; gravestone death and other end of life),

17 How translucently clear (= PELLUCIDLY), Pelly (PEL-LY) comes over all lucid (-LUCID-), (PELLUCIDLY),

19 Full of vigour (RACY) for motoring organisation (Royal Automobile Club = RAC-) going to end of January (end of JanuarY = -Y),

20 Sighed we hear (sighed = SCYTHE) for what death carries (angel of death carries SCYTHE),

22 Best place to find register (best place to find cash register is on CASH DESK) for Bill’s (bills = CASH-) bureau (bureau = -DESK),

25 Kildare (KE-) bank from Scotland (Royal Bank of Scotland = -RBS-) finds way not to live (not to live = die = -IDE) at side of road (KERBSIDE),

26 Resembles priest (priest = ESPRIT) with a dash (ESPRIT),

27 Is this what the bank did (FORECLOSED) so as not to be open (CLOSED) after four (four = FORE), say? (four closed = FORECLOSED)

28 The fall and rise (YO-YO) of the years both (Year + Year = Y- Y-) with nothing (-O -O).


2 Fresh start laundered back (fresh start = vita = -ATIV-) in dirty money (LUCR-E) is well worth the investment (LUCRATIVE), (LUCRATIVE),

3 Split second (MO-) for tea (-CHA) and coffee (MOCHA),

4 Basket case (CREEL) does a jig (-REEL) with head of clan (head of Clan = C-),

5 Sought after (POPULAR) you (-U-) in the middle of the tree (poplar + ‘u’ = POPULAR),

6 Any Luther (any Luther = UNEARTHLY) would find this mysterious (mysterious = UNEARTHLY),

7 Does Revenue work (tax COLLECTOR) for squirrel (squirrel = COLLECTOR)?,

8 Jog (jog = NUDGE) shoulder to shoulder is the way to do it (be shoulder to shoulder to NUDGE someone),

14 It’s acceptable (PALATABLE) to have friend (PAL-) near a (-A-) piece of furniture (-TABLE),

15 In the end lair (lair = -RIAL) and French (et = -TE-) cab (cab = BAC-) return creates disease (BACTERIAL),

16 Essen city (Essen city = NECESSITY) is force of circumstance (force of circumstance = NECESSITY),

18 Noble address (DUCHESS) for game (-CHESS) of the French (of the = DU-),

21 I believe (CREDO) there’s a revolutionary (-RED-) in business (business = CO = C-O),

23 Holy man (ST-) gets reports of fourth letter (fourth letter = ‘d’ = dee = -EED) coming back by way of spirited horse (STEED),

24 The baby in Snow White (DOPEY) is not really awake (DOPEY),