Crosaire No 14860 by Crossheir – Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thu, Aug 16, 2012, 23:59



1 Sounds like it’s calm (calm = -CAM) behind network (WEB-) broadcaster (WEBCAM),

4 Draft (AIR) search (RIFLE) finds small arm (AIR RIFLE),

9 Pope’s man (NUNCIO) has a bit (a bit) missing from incubation (incuBATIon without ‘a bit’ = incuon = NUNCIO),

10 Score in a (score in a = SCENARIO) movie script (SCENARIO),

12 Key to getting money (PIN NUMBER) from Peg (peg = PIN) character (character = NUMBER),

13 Premier (premier = A1 = A-I) has liberal (-LIB-) way of covering story (ALIBI),

14 Having done the exercises (TRAINED) that drive you mad (POTTY), get to go to bathroom by yourself (POTTY-TRAINED),

18 All eyes perhaps (SURVEILLANCE) insure (insure = SUR-E) evil clan (‘evil clan’ is in ‘SUR-E’; evil clan = -VEILLANC-) mutate, (SURVEILLANCE)

21 Telephone call (ring = WRING) say offering way to remove water (WRING),

22 Dishing out (ALLOTMENT) where 17 down grows (beetroot grows in an ALLOTMENT),

24 Admit car (admit car = DRAMATIC) is remarkable (DRAMATIC),

25 Go in (-GO- in GIGOLO) and around (G-O around = GIGOLO) Illinois (-I-L-) for escort (GIGOLO),

26 Hear why (Y) my (MY) (= -Y-MY-) involvement in sting (ST-ING) is slowing down (STYMYING), (STYMYING),

27 Towards middle of representation (repRESENTation) all of indignation (RESENT)


1 Twist (twist = WIND-) recorder (-PIPE) for breathing space (WINDPIPE),

2 Financial institution (BANK) has record (NOTE) cash (BANK NOTE),

3 Won’t live (-DIE-) in gold (A-U) until we meet again (ADIEU),

5 Dyed in the wool (‘dyed-in-the-wool’ means one won’t change opinion/belief = INCORRIGIBLE) and in religion crib (religion crib = INCORRIGIBLE),

6 Sound familiar (RING A BELL) when it’s time for service (RING A BELL),

7 Make an offer (BID) after what is in favour of (FOR) embargo (FORBID)

8 Key (music key = E-) to what could be toxic (toxic = -XOTIC) is not from around here (EXOTIC),

11 Is it because of literary cut backs (ABBREVIATION) letters are in short supply? (ABBREVIATION),

15 Miss (YOUNG LADY) what’s wet behind the ears (YOUNG) and noble (noble = LADY),

16 Package (ENVELOPE) covers everything in the letter (ENVELOPE),

17 Chop down tree (tree = -EETR-) and put in boot (B-OOT) found in garden (BEETROOT),

19 Wild plant growing (weed = -WEDE-) in ship (S-S) and in Stockholm (SWEDES),

20 Made light (LIT-) of any (-ANY) mention of long list (LITANY),

23 Tipperary leader (Tipperary leader = T-) fronting Château Margaux’s best (Château Margaux’s best = -WINE) is a great yarn (TWINE).