Crosaire No 14859 by Crossheir – Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wed, Aug 15, 2012, 23:59



1 Clubs (clubs in card game = SUIT-) or (-OR) one looking to win one (SUITOR),

4 Traumatic (GRIEVOUS) what virus (virus = -RI-V-US) can do with ego (ego = – G-E-O-) GRIEVOUS),

9 Be at odds with (DIFFER) if (-IF-) Fred manages to come around (Fred = D-FER),

10 Our Vera (our Vera = AU REVO-R) and I (-I-) will see you again in Paris (AU REVOIR),

12 Nothing (-O-) to do with man (-MAN-) with knot (-K-) in gale (W-IND), nothing to do with men either (WOMANKIND),

13 It (it = TI-) returns with the (-THE) church collection (TITHE),

14 It’s the African-American address (SOUL BROTHERS) for monks (BROTHERS) with spirit (spirit = SOUL),

18 Baby in front (baby is in front in a pram = PERAMBULATOR) is not allowed on motorways  (PERAMBULATOR = ‘pram’ + ‘pedestrian’: both not allowed on motorways),

21 Writes well (CHALK) on Board of Education (board of education = a blackboard = use CHALK to write on)

22 Address for old French woman (TANT-E) covers Lisa (Lisa = -ALIS-) getting dressed for tease (TANTALISE),

24 Point-to-point (TOE TO TOE) is stance taken to fight (TOE TO TOE),

25 Ask (-ASK-) how to get (G-ET) over sealant (GASKET),

26 Goes hand in hand (ARM IN ARM) with what’s linked to the fold (fold your arms in a link = ARM IN ARM),

27 Be aware of (FE-EL) going around north twice (North = N twice = -NN-) for Herb (herb = FENNEL).


1 On the edge of (SIDE-) being smart (-WISE) is lateral way (SIDEWISE),

2 Don’t want to be known for this (INFAMOUS) is (I-S) around UFO and man (UFO + man = NFAMOU-), (INFAMOUS)

3 At sea (OCEAN) sounds like it’s nothing (O) to do with tibia (tibia = shin; ‘o+shin’ sounds like OCEAN),

5 One who is eccentric (ROUND THE BEND) won’t get anything straight here (ROUND THE BEND is not straight),

6 Return (ELECT-) exam (-ORAL) for register of voters (ELECTORAL register),

7 The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth said this way (ON OATH) to Noah (to Noah = ON OATH),

8 Crescent (STREET) tree (-TREE-) in the road (S-T),

11 M (KILO) hears what (-WATT-) is our (our = -HOUR) unit of energy (KILOWATT-HOUR),

15 Shatter (BREAK-) county (-DOWN) for analysis (BREAKDOWN),

16 Showing great distress (STRICKEN) breaking up nest (nest = ST-EN) with stack of straw (stack of straw = -RICK-),

17 Reform relation (relation = ORIENTAL) to what’s not the western way (ORIENTAL),

19 Sounds like a rapper (rapper called ‘Ice-T’ = ICE TEA) with chilled cuppa (ICE TEA),

20 Looks like Bunny (‘bunny’ rabbit looks like a HARE-) caught me (me = -EM) returning what’s reserved for women (HAREEM),

23 Had food (-ATE) after first letters (AB-) tail off (ABATE).