Crosaire No 14856 by Crossheir – Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sun, Aug 12, 2012, 23:59



1 The ten (the X = THE CROSS) follow Carrie (CARRY), say, for Easter re-enactment (CARRY THE CROSS),

10 Eccentric end (end = tail = ALI-T) boxes in men (-MEN-) making complaint (ALIMENT),

11 Aunt Sal (Aunt Sal = SULTANA) is wed to sovereign (SULTANA),

12 No DNA in Andorra (Andorra without ‘dna’ = orra = ROAR) is something to shout about (ROAR),

13 Indian (CURRY) weep (weep = C-RY) over old city (-UR-),

15 In 7 dn (TIER in stadium) may lead to crying (may lead to crying = tear = TIER), we hear,

17 Home to 24 blackbirds baked (four and twenty blackbirds baked in a PIE) in the sky (PIE in the sky),

19 Revolutionary cut up (rebel = -REBLE) behind Tangiers leader (leader of Tangiers = T-) after brace (after brace = after two of something = TREBLE)

21 Is in turn  (is = S-I) covering faction (-CAMP-) for prawns (SCAMPI),

22 Even arrangement (even = ENVE) with returning Scotsman (Scotsman = ‘mon’ = NOM) makes this poisonous (ENVENOM),

23 Ringed (ringed = ENGIRD) to encircle (ENGIRD),

25 Bloodsucking parasite (BED BUG) listens as you sleep perhaps (BED BUG),

27 Eye opener (opener of Eye = E) gives despicable person (CUR) antidote (CURE),

29 This shot (shot) is a gamble (LONG shot = a gamble) to die for (to die for = to LONG for),

30 Won’t dry out (WATER is wet and won’t dry out) with this friend of teetotaller (WATER needed in tea),

31 Whatever way it looks, it’s German (OTTO) rose petal fragrant oil (OTTO),

34 Cow (MOO-) sounds like French dear (-CHER) won’t pay her way (MOOCHER),

35 Contrary to (AGAINST) a (A-) profit (-GAIN-) at end of road (-ST),

36 Olympic event (CARRY THE TORCH) to suffer from unrequited love perhaps (CARRY THE TORCH).


2 Bring to life (ANIMATE) a (A-) friend from Ulster (NI mate = -NI-MATE),

3 Sounds like it’s costly to return (costly = dear = DEER = REED) grass (REED),

4 Counts cost (counts cost  = TOTS UP) when child’s awake (when child’s awake = tot’s up  = TOTS UP),

5 Make certain (ENSURE) Susan (-SU-E) has right (-R-) copy measurement to begin with (EN = measurement for font/text/copy),

6 Be in control (be in control = RULE) when Laurence loses cane (Laurence loses ‘cane’ = lure = RULE),

7 Fan belt in a manner of speaking (fan belt or where fans gather =STADIUM) goes around track (STADIUM goes around track),

8 Bear (CARRY) with the can (carry the can = CARRY THE BLAME) takes responsibility (CARRY THE BLAME),

9 Business expenses (CARRYING COSTS) for crossing Tracy (crossing Tracy = CARRYING COSTS),

14 Survive storm (RIDE OUT storm) every morning on horseback (RIDE OUT horses every morning for exercise),

16 Bank worker (CLERK) sets the records straight (CLERK keeps the records straight),

18 Highest points (ACMES) the same (same = A-MES) mixed around college head (head of College = -C-),

20 Finish off (END) one last thing perhaps (= END),

21 For crying out loud (SOB) in pressure lines (isobar without ‘ria’ = SOB) without Royal Irish Academy (RIA),

24 Correct logo and (logo and = GONDOLA) cabin on suspended ski lift (GONDOLA),

26 Swan (cob = BO-C) coming back has colour (colour  = -TAN-) with one (-I) related to plants (BOTANIC),

27 Get stick after this (CARROT comes before stick) decline of the motor (decline of the car = CAR ROT = CARROT),

28 It’s about (RE-) celebrity (-NAME) known as one thing now another (RENAME),

32 Burn (CHAR) the fish (CHAR),

33 Dressing (MAYO) June after this (June is after MAY-) comes to nothing (-O).