Crosaire No 14855 by Crossheir – Friday, August 10, 2012

Fri, Aug 10, 2012, 23:59



1 In the middle of (AMID) the morning (AM-) I would (-ID) arrive in the end,

4 First vessel (first vessel = LEADER SHIP) runs the party (LEADERSHIP runs the party),

9 Appalled (AGHAST) what has (-HAS-) got caught in torn tag (tag = AG-T),

10 Three of them (TRIPLETS) journey (TRIP) to rented accommodation (-LETS),

11 Hard-working (TIRELESS) without rubber on bikes (without rubber on bikes = tyre-less = TIRELESS) it’s said,

12 Find need (need = END-E) to surround old city (-UR-) to go through (ENDURE),

13 Record (L-P) with one thousand (one thousand  = -IM-) is a bit stiff (LIMP),

15 Never hear the end of it (CONTINUITY) on the television (CONTINUTY),

17 Off course (LOST) and looking for meanings to life (CAUSES), Jude’s the man for these (St Jude is the patron saint of LOST CAUSES),

19 That’s the flat (the flat in racing = the TURF) in the bog (TURF = is in the bog),

20 The dahlias are out (ABLOOM) in Ulysses (A BLOOM in Ulysses),

22 Call (-PHONE) after listener (EAR-) how voices get in your head (EARPHONE = listening to sounds),

25 New hunt (hunt = H-NUT) covers alphabet (-AZ-) with the Spanish (-EL-) cob (cob = HAZELNUT),

26 Speaking of the Irish (BROGUE) on foot (BROGUE),

27 Brings back to Sidney, (brings back to Sydney = BOOMERANGS), say, many happy returns, perhaps (many happy returns perhaps = BOOMERANGS),

28 Take nothing (O) from 21 down (bean-O) but pulse (pulse = BEAN).


2 Black arts (MAG-IC-) knocks over light sherry (fino = -NIF-O) for Italian eminence (MAGNIFICO),

3 Hangs around in waiting room perhaps (DRAPE hangs around in waiting room) for GP (DR-) parody (-APE),

4 Takes the measure of (LITRE) hoteliers missing shoe (hoteliers without ‘shoe’ = hoTeLIERs = tlier = LITRE),

5 Is (-IS-) in the middle of art (ART-) and an (-AN) expert worker (ARTISAN),

6 Half (-DEMI-) into the blockbusters (EPI-CS) it’s a plague on all the houses perhaps (EPIDEMICS are perhaps plagues on everyone’s house),

7 Fairy (-ELF-) party (-DO-) in shifting butts (butts = BUTS = S-UBT) we hear, but I’m not sure of it (SELF-DOUBT),




8 The dead place (place the dead = INTER) with view (view) to getting a job (with a view = INTERview = getting a job),

14 Refined engine driver (PETROLEUM) comes up well (PETROLEUM),

15 Little fella (little fella = minor = MINER) heard behind the black stuff (COAL-) digs up dirt to burn (COAL MINER),

16 It’s big on the web (TARANTUAL = big spider) when Ultan (Ultan = -NTULA) is behind hill in Meath (TARA-),

18 Add sugar to (SWEETEN) for safety (S-) with little (-WEE) backwards trap (net = -TEN),

21 We hear ‘Being (being = BEAN-) and Nothingness’ (-O) is comical for children (BEANO = comic),

23 The mystery (REBUS) about (RE-) public transport (-BUS),

24 Mob let loose (mob = -OMB) behind ice cream seller (H B-) is highly explosive (H-BOMB).