Crosaire No 14854 by Crossheir – Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thu, Aug 9, 2012, 23:59



1 Ancient riddler (SPHINX) has kiss at end (-X) for Hungarian leader (-H-) in spin (SP-IN-),

4 Wheeler-dealer (OPERATOR) will perish (perish = rot = -TOR) in turn behind musical (OPERA-),

9 Can’t dress this up (NUDISM) to lose more than one’s shirt (NUDISM),

10 Prague (Prague = AGE -R-UP) has go (G-O-) at the same class (AGE GROUP),

12 It’s sweet maybe (HONEY LIKE) what the wife said of husband (HONEY LIKE),

13 Foremost (TOP-) hospital department (-ER) has drink problem (TOPER),

14 To a degree (DISSERTATION) you have to defend it (DISSERTATION),

18 Foot fault (ATHLETE’S FOOT) perhaps for tennis player sore on one’s toes (ATHLETE’S FOOT),

21 Stand around (stand a round [of drink] = TREAT) for what the doctor does (TREAT),

22 Opens up do (opens up do = UNOPPOSED) is best way to be elected (UNOPPOSED),

24 Wordsworth gets rid of HR (Wordsworth without ‘hr’ = wordswot = TWO WORDS) for double (TWO) script (WORDS),

25 Do without (FOREGO) in support (FOR-) of self-esteem (-EGO),

26 Misses nothing (EAGLE EYE misses nothing) when viewer (EYE) follows golf score (EAGLE)

27 Be (BE-) high in Ireland (high in Irish = -ARD-) with head of state (head of State = -S) hiding faces (BEARDS).


1 Flustered nudes (nudes = SUN-DE) has (has = -SHA-) put together eclipse perhaps (eclipse  = SUNSHADE),

2 Take pleasure in (HEDONIST) what he’d (HED-) on (-ON-) first (-IST),

3 It’s not nice (NASTY) for new leader (leader of New = N-) to come across a eyesore (a sty = -ASTY),

5 Sow (PIG-) farmers, (-MEN-) get on at it (on at it = -TATION) in end for colour tissue (PIGMENTATION),

6 Entitlement (RIGHT-) to find use (use = -E-US) in the end with nothing (-O-) for the virtuous (RIGHTEOUS),

7 Company of players (TROUPE) find Oxford University Press (-OUP-) in redesigned station (RTÉ = TR-E),

8 Present oneself to talk (REPORT) about (RE-) drink (-PORT),

11 You don’t want to come clean with this (DIRTY LAUNDRY) with what’s smutty (DIRTY) in front of cleaners (LAUNDRY),

15 What to do with takeaway (EAT AT HOME) goes down well perhaps in-house (EAT AT HOME),

16 Fears row (fears row = FORSWEAR) to reject former held belief (FORSWEAR),

17 Lady killers (STUD-S) cover debt (-IOU-) for being academic (STUDIOUS),

19 Left standing forever (STATUE) stoned (STATUE),

20 Does this mean the short cannot be (cannot be short = BE LONG) be a member? (be a member = BELONG),

23 Investigate thoroughly to see (PROBE) clapperboards missing placards (clapperboards without ‘placards’ = perbo = PROBE)