Crosaire No 14853 by Crossheir – Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wed, Aug 8, 2012, 23:59



1 Sounds like it has mark against (it has mark against = tick it = TICKET) how you get into Croke Park (TICKET),

4 In sum (S-UM) crept (crept = PECTR-) together showing true colours (SPECTRUM) perhaps,

9 Groom up we hear (preen up = PRENUP) before marriage contract (PRENUP = prenuptial agreement before-marriage),

10 A moron (a thick = A-TIC) we hear controlling Rome for the Romans (-ROMA-) comes up smelling of roses (AROMATIC)

12 Police (police) missing circle (O) (police missing ‘o’ = -police = -PLICE) is behind stares (EYE S-) for rope in a loop (EYE SPLICE),

13 America (-US) has a lot (LOT-) to do with lilies (LOTUS),

14 Fair play (JUSTICE) to old O’Neill (CHIEF) in front of president in court (CHIEF JUSTICE),

18 Handles letters (POSTMISTRESS) for concubine (-MISTRESS) behind pillar (POST-),

21 Temptations (BAITS) for graduates (BA-S) to take it (-IT-),

22 Won’t see light of day (= NIGHTFALL) when lord (knight) is heard to come down (fall) (knight fall – = NIGHTFALL),

24 String (CORD) of the French (-DU-) meets Roy (-ROY) for fabric (CORDUROY),

25 Traitor (traitor = rat = ART) gets a fix first (-IST) for filmmaker (ARTIST),

26 Celebrity (STAR-) swimmer (-FISH) is well armed in the sea (STARFISH has five arms and is in the sea),

27 Sit in on (ATTEND) a (A-) race (-TT-) to the finish (-END).


1 Old money (TUPPENCE) builds sheep (sheep = TUP-) enclosure (-PEN-) near Clare  (-CE),

2 French restaurant (CREPERIE) serves first course (first of Course = C-) to Republican (-REP-) near lake (-ERIE),

3 Stock (EQUIP) for Oriental (E-) joke (-QUIP),

5 Boxer’s wages (PURSE-) lines (-STRINGS) pockets of accountant perhaps (accountant keeps hold of PURSE STRINGS),

6 Rebuilt Pimlico (Pimlico = – OMPLICI-) in Connecticut (C-T) is involved with others in illegal activity (COMPLICIT),

7 Dear, we hear (dear = deer = RO-E), covers old clothes (-TAT-) to get around (ROTATE),

8 Membrane (MUCOSA) for you and me (-U-S-) in contrived coma (coma = M-CO-A),

11 It might be occurring at the same time (SIMULTANEOUS) but it’s still a coincidence (SIMULTANEOUS),

15 It’s the bread and butter (FOODSTUFF) of putting nourishment (FOOD-) before the bits and pieces (STUFF),

16 Referee’s job to do (PENALISE) for Penelope and Lise (PEN-LISE) with note (-A-) in middle,

17 Left alone (ISOLATED) Diana (Di = I-D) returns to look over what’s so late (-SOLATE-),

19 It adds up (ABACUS) to get a (A-) taxi (taxi = cab = -BAC-) to come back to us (-US),

20 Sound of S internationally (S in phonetic alphabet = SIERRA) is going up in Spain (SIERRA mountain),

23 It’s on the cards (TAROT) to express thanks (TA-) to redhead (head of Red = -R-) to (to = -OT) return.