Crosaire No 14852 by Crossheir – Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tue, Aug 7, 2012, 23:59



8 Do (D-O) get over why (why = -Y-), we hear, some of Vietnam (-NAM-) generates energy (DYNAMO),

9 Read through (REHEARSE) about (RE-) the last journey in this (-HEARSE),

10 Being reserved (-SHY) after first letter (A-) appears grey (ASHY),

11 Jack in short (lumberjack = WOODCUTTER) cuts deal (cuts deal = cuts pine = WOODCUTTER),

12 Influence (IMPACT) devil (IMP-) to take action (-ACT),

14 Knocks the spirits out (EXORCISM) out of possession (EXORCISM),

15 Painting (PICTURE) pole (POST-) in front of joker (-CARD) is something on which to write home about perhaps (PICTURE POSTCARD),

18 For bags (TEA CADDY), perhaps, can driver’s mate (CADDY) follow Jasmine? (Jasmine TEA),

20 Such disappointment (OH DEAR) sounds like it’s nothing (O = OH) darling (DEAR),

22 Father (-PP-) is between hectare (HA-) and yard (-Y) with occasion (EVENT) for birth (HAPPY EVENT), …

24 What’s up (JETS) with the travellers (JETS),

25 Afterthought (P-S) includes European Parliament (-EP-) gossip (-TALK-) for inspirational speeches (PEP TALKS),

26 British (GB) thicket (SHAW) hides Irish writer (G B SHAW).


1 Spy (spy = -YPS-) falls apart in glue (G-UM) in plaster of Paris (GYPSUM),

2 Not just any (-ANY) last character up front (-Z) is peculiarly funny (ZANY),

3 Geezer (geyser  = HOT WATER) it’s said is in trouble (in HOT WATER),

4 Troika (TRIO) gets South American city (-RIO) to follow tempo (T-),

5 Warrant officer (W-O) embraces writer (-HACK-) regarded as eccentric (WHACKO),

6 Built up after training (LACTIC ACID) for what’s not sweet (ACID) after Milky Way (LACTIC)

7 Are (are  = A-E-R) circling round (O) two ships (-SS-SS-) to calculate damage (ASSESSOR),

13 Oppose (ANTI) old bus service (-CI-E) carrying Patrick (PAT) for probable outcome (ANTICIPATE),

14 Snare out of repayments (repayments without ‘snare’ = pymet  =EMPTY) is meaningless (EMPTY),

16 Tie knot (tie = ITE-) before informer (-RAT-) gets to journalist (-ED) what’s repeated (ITERATED),

17 How old you are (-AGE) after small (SHORT) deficit (SHORTAGE),

19 Lives (DWELLS) for bad end (end of bad = D-) for shaft (-WELL-) point (-S),

21 How real (ACTUAL) is a (A-) gangster (-AL) cut (cut = -CTU-) up in the middle,

23 At least in the end (end of least = EAST) there’s a point to this (EAST),

24 It’s only fair (JUST) to get ice (ice) with this (just) at the side bar (JUSTICE)