Crosaire No 14851 by Crossheir – Monday, August 6, 2012

Mon, Aug 6, 2012, 23:59



8 Does level best (BULLDOZE does level best) perhaps to get light sleep (-DOZE= light sleep) after what the pope issues (pope issues papal BULL-),

9 No harm done (UNHURT) by Hun (Hun = -NHU-) caught up in rut (rut = U-RT),

10 Wired (wired = WEIRD-) to duck (-O) and strangely eccentric (WEIRDO),

11 Look at twenty-twenty we hear (ideal eyes = IDEALISE) through rose-tinted glasses (IDEALISE),

12 Need to be on toes (DANCER) to take ink-jet from dinner jacket (inkjet from dinner dINner JacKET= dner ac = DANCER),

13 Far from offensive (TASTEFUL) to move state (state = TASTE-) with what’s nearly full (-FUL),

15 No trouble (EASE) for Sid (Sid = dis) to go back for infection (disEASE),

17 Nuclear (nuclear = UNCLEAR) option is open to question (UNCLEAR),

19 Blokes and I (blokes + I = OBELISK) found wellington in Phoenix Park (OBELISK = Wellington monument),

22 A lunatic (a nut = TUNA) turns up in sea (TUNA),

24 Can’t stand (FOOTLESS) too much drink (FOOTLESS),

27 Trainee (NOVICE) missing principal’s deputy (NO VICE principal),

29 What perhaps to find young fish at (at school) if in form (AT SCHOOL),

30 Eggs, flour and milk (BATTER) for cricketer on strike (BATTER),

31 Revolting (ODIOUS) sod (sod = OD-S) does U-turn over promise to pay (-IOU-),

32 Not long on foot (SHORT LEG) out in the field (SHORT LEG is field position in cricket).


1 Hear you stink (you stink = you reek = EUREK-) with first letter (-A) from Archimedes (EUREKA is a saying from Archimedes),

2 Call (call = CL-AL) Eric (-ERIC-) for job with collar (CLERICAL),

3 Jumped up bully (goon = NO-GO) has room (AREA) to stay out of it (NO GO AREA),

4 Hang over (hangover = delirium tremens = DTs = D-TS) over long film (EPIC) gives a good description (DEPICTS),

5 Use intimidation (DURESS) to get you (U) into woman’s clothes (dress + u = DURESS),

6 Put off (SHELVE) by putting novice (-L-) between her (SHE-) and victory in Europe (-VE),

7 Journalist (PRESS-) prepares little supper (sup = -UPS) for exercise (PRESS-UPS),

14 It takes a long time (AEON) to get on (-ON) with Russell (AE-),

16 Fine (fine ARTS) to a degree (ARTS degree),

18 Moves to and fro (-TIDE) after no palindrome (NOON-) in middle of day (NOONTIDE),

20 Get from financial institution (BANKBOOK) customer’s register of interest (BANKBOOK is customer’s register of interest),

21 Vital tee (vital tee = LEVITATE) to get off the ground (LEVITATE),

23 Sound economic advice (USE LESS) to no avail (USELESS),

25 Magnate (TYCOON) reorganising not (not = T-ON) to cover pretence to be shy (coy = -YCO-),

26 The go is (-GOIS-) in me (me = E-M) in return for talking incessantly about my own importance (EGOISM),

28 Smart (CLEVER) of Jemmy (Jemmy = -LEVER) to go after Charlie (C-).