Crosaire No 14850 by Crossheir – Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sun, Aug 5, 2012, 23:59



1 Oh classy sound (Oh classy sound = SUNDAY SCHOOLS) for religious instruction (SUNDAY SCHOOLS),

10 Unexpected (UNUSUAL) you three (U-U-U-) put together Irish goodbye (Slán = =N-S-AL),

11 I rule up (I rule up = PURLIEU) around usual haunts (PURLIEU),

12 We (we = -EW) went back to doctor (DR-) to portray past (DREW),

13 Press (press = FORCE) with task (task) is armed for a mission (TASKFORCE),

15 Took action (SUED) when duchesses loses chess (DUCHESSES take ‘chess’ away = dues = SUED),

17 Needs right (r) to work (WORK) in kitchen (WOK),

19 Okay (YES-) Tom (-MAN) won’t take no for an answer (YES-MAN) perhaps,

21 Right moment (TIMELY) for Emily (Emily = -IMELY) to pull together after tango (T-)

22 Bantams  (bantams = BATSMAN) found near old stumping ground perhaps (BATSMAN stand in front of stumps),

23 Once around (LAP) with pup (DOG) in someone else’s pocket (LAPDOG)

25 Republican comes back (Rep = -PER) to Romney to start (ROM-) in one-piece (ROMPER suit is a one-piece),

27 Whistleblower (REF) gets buried in feature film (featuRE Film = REF),

29 What goes around comes around (TURN) when I (I) leave Turin (TURIN missing I = TURN),

30 Can’t do this singlehandedly (can’t marry singlehandedly, you need someone else) after Tuesday (after Tuesday = Wed = MARRY),

31 Dodgy dealer (SPIV) turns celebrities’ heads  (heads for Very Important PersonS = VIPS = SPIV),

34 Hear I’ll (I’ll = isle) have my island (EMERALD) for precious one (EMERALD),

35 Would it occur (OCCUR) to us (us = SU-) to give assistance? (SUCCOUR),

36 First thing (MORNING) after rest of week (rest of week = SUNDAY), sat before (before Sat = SUNDAY) weeping in black (mourning = MORNING) we hear,


2 They constantly take (USURERS) a great interest in all things that’s Lent (USURERS),

3 It’s not friendly (DOUR) to have function (D0-) near old city (-UR),

4 Cowardly (YELLOW) it’s said to keep scream (YELL) down (LOW) (yell low = YELLOW),

5 Take very small bites (-PECK) to company (CO-) to make money abroad (COPECK),

6 The sound of alternatives (ors = OARS) needed in a row (OARS),

7 A round neck in Hawaii (around neck in Hawaii = LEI-) for certain (-SURE) is not working (LEISURE),

8 For rest of week (SUNDAY) skirt and trousers (CLOTHES) are the glad rags (SUNDAY CLOTHES),

9 They go slow (SUNDAY DRIVERS) on golf courses (DRIVERS = golf clubs) perhaps at weekend (SUNDAY) (SUNDAY DRIVERS),

14 Early riser (ROOSTER) has nothing (o) to do with roster (rooster without ‘o’ = ROSTER),

16 Out of practice (it’s not practiced = TABOO) Customs won’t allow it (customs don’t allow what is TABOO),

18 The key (MINOR) to working underground (miner = MINOR) we hear,

20 Will irritate to say this (NAG) for ongoing going on (continuous urging = NAG),

21 Modified pitch (TAR) with a (a) hill in Meath (with ‘a’ = TARA = a hill in Meath),

24 French riser with poor social skills (PARVENU) gets a venue (venue = VENU) we hear after par (PAR),

26 Cop (cop = – PCO-) caught up in vice (PO-RN) has bite in cinema (POPCORN),

27 Set up Dr Ryan (Dr Ryan = RAN DRY) for when flow of money stopped (RAN DRY),

28 Painting fresh (FRESCO) out of decorating forces (forces = FRESCO),

32 Measure of how far (YARD) back garden is behind house (courtYARD),

33 Fraudster admits crime (I con = ICON) to important representative (ICON).