Crosaire No 14849 by Crossheir – Friday, August 3, 2012

Fri, Aug 3, 2012, 23:59



1 God (THOR) with Hugo (Thor + Hugo = THORough) is rigorous (thorough),

4 Breathe heavily (PUFF) at father’s (PAS-) attempt (-TRY) at bakery’s flaky cover-up, perhaps (PUFF PASTRY),

9 Sort of cloudy (NIMBUS) point (N-) I’m (-IM-) going for a bus (-BUS),

10 Superior in a race, (ONE-HORSE race), inferior of a town (ONE-HORSE town),

11 Shrink (CONTRACT) shows commitment (CONTRACT),

12 Turns up, last remark (PS = SP-) in this spot (-HERE) is a ball (SPHERE),

13 Mistake (SLIP) to swallow (S-IP) litre (-L-),

15 Classes at the top (UPPER CRUST) have superior (UPPER) film (CRUST),

17 Rob’s (DISPOSSESS) not been kind (DIS-S) ringing the sheriffs’ men (POSSES),

19 Change fade (fade = DEAF) from not hearing a sound (DEAF),

20 Protects public image (PR-) putting together calendar (YEAR = -AYER) of worship (PRAYER),

22 Uncover (BARE-) 12 inches (-FOOT) has nothing to do with cobbler (BAREFOOT),

25 Woman far (woman far = MAN-OF-WAR) from fighting at sea (MAN-OF-WAR),

26 Know how (ACUMEN) a (A-) copper (-CU-) has male company in the end (-MEN),

27 Living as a parasite (THREAD-WORM) with yarn (THREAD-) causes havoc in computer  (-WORM),

28 The morning (-AM) |after former (EX-) assessment (EXAM).


2 The common (HOI POLLOI) type in Athens (HOI POLLOI),

3 Won’t come to life (ROBOT) Burmese leader (Burmese = -B-) is involved in underground support (RO-OT),

4 History (PAST-) gets first letter (-A) made in Italy (PASTA),

5 Puts back (puts = -STUP) what could be for (for = FRO) ice covering (FROST UP),

6 Forces (PRESSURES) that come from Pascal’s units (PRESSURES are measured in pascals)

7 Some French came back (des = S-ED) revealing Mammy (-MOTHER-) to be overwhelmed (SMOTHERED),

8 No lie (no lie = RISER) about (R-E-) the master (Sir = ISE-) turning up (= RISER),

14 Juvenile obsession (PUPPY LOVE) for young boxer (PUPPY) devotion (LOVE),

15 Took it out of (UNSCREWED) built-up sand ridge (dune = UN-ED) sheltering bolt (-SCREW-),

16 So, (SO-) a long time  (-ERA) around a father (a father = a pop = -AP OP-) (SO-AP OP-ERA) regularly on the box (SOAP OPERA),

18 Block (EMBARGO) my turn (me = EM-) with instruction to go to bar (-BARGO),

21 Part of the river (REACH) about (RE) a (A) church (CH)

23 Get ready to fight (REARM) with thousand (M) left behind (REAR-),

24 Stroke of luck (FLUKE) for apostle (-LUKE) to find folio (F-).