Crosaire No 14848 by Crossheir – Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thu, Aug 2, 2012, 23:59



1 Confrontation (FACE TO FACE) to look yourself in the eye perhaps (FACE TO FACE),

6 Won’t go coming back (won’t go = stop = POTS) for the flowers (POTS),

10 On either side of one (ON either side of I = ON-I-ON) for smelly garnish (smelly garnish = ONION),

11 It sticks out (SHIRT TAIL sticks out) that the end (-TAIL) is over the top (top = SHIRT-),

12 On the surface (SKIN-DEEP) make paradise (Eden = N-DEE-) in skip (SKI- -P),

13 Rogue (-RAT) accountant (Chartered Accountant = CA) carries precious little weight (CARAT),

15 Absolute indulgence (PLENARY) perhaps to layer (PL-Y) over what could be near (near = -ENAR-)

17 Come out again (REISSUE) is (-IS-) between getting note (RE = music scale note) to Susan (-SUE),

19 In its own way fluster (fluster = RESTFUL) has a soothing quality (RESTFUL),

21 Go back over this (RETRACE) terrace in a different light (terrace = RETRACE),

22 Won’t lose weight (PUT-ON) with this spoof (PUT-ON),

24 Legs itch (legs itch = GLITCHES) with little things that are going wrong (GLITCHES),

27 Has a name (REPUTABLE) for bringing out what’s pure (pure = REPU-) with furniture (-TABLE),

28 In the middle (WAIST is in the middle) we hear of what’s not to be kept (waste = WAIST),

29 Item tailored in India (SARI) produces some impresario (impreSARIo),

30 M (LETTER-) is in charge of (-HEAD) stationery (LETTERHEAD).


1 Dandy (F-OP) around end of April (end of ApriL= -L-) is a disappointment (FLOP),

2 Revolutionary (CH-E) has pick (pick = -ICKP-) as (-AS) well for what’s found in salad bar (CHICKPEAS found in salad bar),

3 Carpenter’s joint (TENON) has cross (cross = X = TEN-) on (-ON) end,

4 Swimmers grow up here perhaps (fish grow up here = FISHERY) when quiet (-SH-) in blazing (FI-ERY) surroundings,

5 Takes a cut (CLIPPER) at sea (CLIPPER),

7 Broadcasting (ON AIR) with Deborah (with Deb = DEBONAIR) is charming,

8 Room divider perhaps (SPLIT-LEVEL) casts spell (spell = SPL- -EL) over it (-IT-) and the French (-LE-) victory (-V-),

9 Broth (STOCK-) first (first = -IST) to sell from the shelves (STOCKIST),

14 Show mercy to (SPARE) characters (PARTS) needed as replacements (SPARE PARTS),

16 Sympathy for (AFFINITY) a (A-) loud noise (-FF-) in it (-INIT-). Why? (Y)

18 Crawler (SNAKE) has a bite (-BITE) and a strong shandy (shandy drink = SNAKEBITE),

20 It’s easy to read the French (LEGIBLE) – the French are on both sides (LE-LE) holding machine pin (-GIB-) in place,

It’s easy to read the French

21 For Ray it’s said  (Raymond = RAIMENT) it’s bejewelled attire (bejewelled clothes = RAIMENT),

23 Bring to light a light (use TAPER to light a candle), in the end it’s coming back about  (re = -ER) Patrick (Pat = TAP-),

25 In credit (credit = C-R) under an obligation (owe = -OWE-) to lie low in fear (COWER),

26 Breeding ground (STUD) for dust (dust = STUD).