Crosaire No 14847 by Crossheir – Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wed, Aug 1, 2012, 23:59



1 It’s a wonder (RAREITY) to try (try = R-TY) to make this on air (AIR = -ARI-),

4 A (A-) very loud (-FF-) privilege (-RIGHT) gives a shock (AFFRIGHT),

9 With this on your knees (NAPKIN) sleep (NAP-) with family (-KIN),

10 Tales of a (tales of a = AS OF LATE) time not long ago (AS OF LATE),

12 Widely known (BRAND NAME) as star (NAME) following Mark (mark = BRAND),

13 French street (RU-E) contains gym (gym = PE) whose worth is in India (RUPEE has worth in India),

14 Work out (UNEMPLOYMENT) clue to depression (economic depression = UNEMPLOYMENT),

18 From word of mouth (UNWRITTEN) Bill (Bill = LAW) gives rules of jungle perhaps (rules of jungle are UNWRITTEN LAW),

21 Surprise (HO-) agreements (-OKS) are eye-catching (HOOKS have eyes for catching as in ‘hooks and eyes’),

22 Makes a change (AMDENMENT) for men on double (men + men =  -MEN-MEN-) to be covered by time in Atlantic (A-D-T = Atlantic Day Time),

24 Malicious woman (SHE-DEVIL) she’d (SHE D-) live (live = -EVIL) with in return,

25 Or, as it (or as it = SATORI) leads to sudden enlightenment (SATORI),

26 Cry out to (CALL) symbol (SIGN) identifies broadcaster (CALL SIGN),

27 Vermin (RA-T-) tangled on a horse (a horse = A GG = -G-AG) leads to disreputable group (RAGTAG).


1 Referring to (-ABOUT) the dash (RUN-) in front of car (RUNABOUT),

2 Turf (-PEAT-) in grass (RE-ED) did it again (REPEATED),

3 After a second (THIRD) her head (head of Her = H) rolled in dirt (dirt = -T-IRD),

5 Rome set forth (Rome set forth = FOSTER-MOTHER) and appointed guardian to children (FOSTER-MOTHER),

6 Head of police (head of Police = P-) with this is taste (PREFERENCE) brought from one job to the next (REFERENCE),

7 Artist (-RA-) comes across father (-PP-) in Georgia (G-A) when getting a drink (GRAPPA),

8 The medical examiners (the Medical Examiners = THE MES) are the subjects of the book (THEMES),

11 Have one’s work cut out perhaps (LABOUR-SAVING) looking after money (-SAVING) after childbirth  (LABOUR-),

15 They teach lessons (PUNISHERS) when double entendre (PUN-) is (-IS-) hers (-HERS),

16 Not up for this (SLEEP) and not in (not in = OUT) not in time for work perhaps (SLEEP OUT),

17 In moving back and forward (SW-ING) it’s over the top (-OTT-) preparing for leaving (SWOTTING for the leaving cert),

19 Finding a cure (PHYSIC) for being somewhat self-conscious (shy = -HYS-) in movie (P-IC),

20 Spot (dot = DO T-) measure (measure = -ELL) is good advise from priest to confessor perhaps (advice from priest to confessor perhaps = DO TELL),

23 Make a play (DRAMA) for mother (-MA) and father (D-A-) around Romeo (Romeo = -R-).