Crosaire No 14845 by Crossheir – Monday, July 30, 2012

Mon, Jul 30, 2012, 23:59



8 No holding it together (BREAKAGE) number of years (-AGE) after downing tools (BREAK-),

9 Tear into (ASSAIL) what’s worthless in this we hear (worth less in a sale  = ASSAIL),

10 A (A-) police department (-CID-) I see (-IC) is sour (ACIDIC),

11 This won’t sort out (won’t sort out = DISHEVEL) she-devil (she-devil = DISHEVEL),

12 Tribune loses head (Tribune = BRUNEI) for this in sultanate (BRUNEI),

13 Rise seen (rise seen = EERINESS) in ghostliness (EERINESS),

15 Hear Leinster county (Meath = MEAD) brews drink from the field (field/meadow = MEAD),

17 Idle act (idle act = CITADEL) holds the high ground (CITADEL),

19 Reg and Dean (Reg + Dean = GRENADE) are safe with a ring in battle (GRENADE is safe until ring is pulled),

22 With Labour leader (leader of Labour = -L-) it’s got elegance (STYLE), on it’s own it’s an eyesore (STYE),

24 A queen (a bee = AB-EE) outside despatched (dispatched = -SENT-) man on leave (ABSENTEE),

27 Some neck to fold (fold of loose skin hanging from neck = DEWLAP) by going around after (-LAP) tiny drops of water (DEW-),

29 I (-I-) made a mark (-DENT) after a (A-) double century (-CC-) for it wasn’t meant to happen (ACCIDENT),

30 Called to mind (RECALL) about (RE-) copyright (-C-) and everything else that followed (-ALL),

31 Old currency wrapped up (Lire = -LERI-) in hundreds (C-C) found in church (CLERIC),

32 Abusing (MISUSING) little woman (MIS-S-) all over you (-U-) to get a drink back (Gin = -ING).


1 Sounds like his trade (GROCER) is more than vulgar (grosser = GROCER),

2 Won’t let hair down (BANDANNA) that she (-ANNA) is following group (BAND-),

3 It’s an atrocity (WAR CRIME) for Washington state (WA-) Catholic (-RC-) to cover object with frost (-RIME),

4 No longer alive (DEAD) to water (SEA) with lots of salt (DEAD SEA = high salinity)

5 Raise king (Raise K = KAISER) from a skier (a skier = KAISER),

6 GI missing from Tangiers (TANGIERS missing GI = ASTERN) gets behind boat (behind boat = ASTERN),

7 Given authority (LICENSED) for perfume (-CENSE-) under cover (cover = LI-D),

14 Irritable (EDGY) avant-garde (EDGY),

16 Besides (ELSE) the Spanish (EL-) close to southeast (-SE),

18 No bright spark (IMBECILE) that is (that is = i.e. = I-E) revealing climb (climb = -MB-CIL-) over Spain (-E-),

20 It’s a relief (RED CROSS) to negotiate (CROSS) with revolutionary (RED),

21 Radio reports (radio reports = NEWSCAST) actors (-CAST) after announcement (NEWS-),

23 Raise a cup (at TEATIME raise a cup) after four (TEATIME),

25 Regime change (regime = EMIGRE) leads to person escaping French revolution (EMIGRE),

26 Channel (channel = TRENCH) can be incisive with insect (with ant = TRENCHant = incisive),

28 Goes up and down (ASLANT) at (A-T) covering goodbye in Galway (-SLÁN-).