Crosaire No 14844 by Crossheir – Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sun, Jul 29, 2012, 23:59



1 Be on your toes working at bar (BALLET SLIPPER),

10 Performer (ARTISTE) reinterprets a sitter (a sitter = ARTISTE),

11 Way of painting (TEMPERA) causes a tantrum (a temper = TEMPERA),

12 Let someone use (LEND) what’s union (bLEND) with bee (b) we hear,

13 Sound out before you arrive (BUGLE for military signals) with the brass (brass instrument = BUGLE),

15 Self control (WILL) left behind of late (WILL),

17 Inquire closely (PRY) with what goes south (s) full of energy (sPRY),

19 Sound of Music (tracks = TRACTS) perhaps written in religious pamphlets (TRACTS),

21 When two can play on (too can = TOUCAN), comes with large bill (TOUCAN has massive bill),

22 Steak and chips perhaps (HOT MEAL) for mum (M-A-) in hotel (HOT -E-L),

23 At a loss for words (AMAZED) flyer (flyer = advertisement = A-D) covers labyrinth (-MAZE-),

25 Manoeuvre (TACTIC) to play (-ACT-) requires overseeing by jerk (T-IC),

27 Either way it’ll make you laugh (GAG),

29 Waits in long grass (CANE grows in long grass) perhaps when getting stick (stick = CANE),

30 It’s incorrect (ERRED) to say this was aired (aired = ERRED),

31 To go and lose it (go GAGA) sounds like nonsense (GAGA),

34 Beginning to show signs (NASCENT) of a perfume (a scent = -ASCENT) from north (N-),

35 Plead (-URGE-) with offspring (S-ON) to be consultant (SURGEON),

36 Dance (BALL-) at tip- (-POINT) pounds (PENS) for writers (BALLPOINT PENS).


2 Goes on ahead (ANTENNA on head of insect) when girl (Anne = -ENNA) is working on colour (tan = ANT)

3 One can’t win (LOSE) when fish (sole = LOSE) gets flipped,

4 Ropes someone in (TIES UP) perhaps when I (-i-) get involved in setup (set up+i = TiES UP),

5 Is this what tower does to pilots (LET FLY) when they lose tempers? (LET FLY)

6 Ceremony (POMP) has nothing (o) to do with us (us) being self-important (POMPous),

7 Melancholic (ELEGIAC) to lie (lie = EL-I-) about age (age = -EG-A-),

8 O body swayed to music ({Yeats}BALLET DANCING) perhaps a swan near a lake? (Swan Lake = ballet = BALLET DANCING)

9 Wives’ hold on men-folk (wives informally known as husbands’ BALL AND CHAINS) and heavy metal bands? (BALL AND CHAINS),

14 General rules of language (GRAMMAR) march (-MAR) towards unit (GRAM-),

16 Alternative (OTHER) is to (to = OT-) get back to her (-HER),

18 The moral (moral = MOLAR) of backbiting (MOLAR teeth),

20 Unlucky lawmaker (SOD as in Sod’s law) makes grass (SOD),

21 Whichever way you look at it (TAT) it’s informally tasteless (TAT),

24 It is a name (is a name = AMNESIA) long forgotten (AMNESIA),

26 Edward (Ed = -DE-) turns up in procession (TRA-IN) with second-hand car (TRADE-IN),

27 German (-OTTO) finds grain (GR-) in the cavern (GROTTO),

28 Makes progress (GETS ON) to adopt boy (get son = GETS ON) perhaps,

32 On a boat (KEEL) turning from Wales (leek = KEEL),

33 Temperature (T-) in the end (-RIP) will fall (TRIP),