Crosaire No 14843 by Crossheir – Friday, July 27, 2012

Fri, Jul 27, 2012, 23:59



1 It’s the little bits (RAGS) of reading, writing and arithmetic (three Rs = R-S) that hold the silver (-AG-),

4 Gets delivery of paper (SUBSCRIBER) from B&B (-B-B-) on cruisers (cruisers  =SU-SCRI-ER),

9 Copper (CU-) has fee (-RATE) for doing what the parish priest says (CURATE)

10 Offspring (son = SUN) we hear has dots (SPOTS) for astronomer to see (SUNSPOTS),

11 They’re not the best (RIFFRAFF) when Rí Rá (RI-RA-) comes across very loud twice (-FF-FF-),

12 Line on a map (ISOBAR) is (IS-) around (-O-) bar (-BAR),

13 Sounds like you’ve had to pay (fined = FIND) for what you come across (FIND),

15 Has many uses (ALL-PURPOSE) to pour a spell (pour a spell = ALL-PURPOSE),

17 Unimportant in the circumstances (IMMATERIAL) that I’m (IM-) holding the fabric (-MATERIAL),

19 Disentangle (UNDO) French (UN-) Party (-DO),

20 Noble (TITLED) little bird (TIT-) was brought ahead (-LED),

22 It’s possible (WORKABLE) to be employed (WORK-) with biblical figure we hear (Abel = -ABLE),

25 Doctor’s opinion (ALL CLEAR) signals end of battle (ALL CLEAR)

26 Recover Barney (Barney = NEARBY) in the vicinity (NEARBY),

27 Study impacts (CRASH-TESTS) when models (models = crash-test dummies) run themselves into the wall (CRASH-TESTS),

28 When reconstructed sink one’s teeth into them (gums = MUGS) thugs (thugs = MUGS).


2 First class (AI = ALUMINIUM) to maul you (maul+u = ALU-UM) around mini (-MINI-),

3 Stick to beat (STAFF) those in employment (STAFF),

4 Sounds like a girl (Stella = STELA) keeps the last words (STELA = gravestone/column inscriptions = keeps last words),

5 Party (BASH) close to well fed (full = -FUL) is retiring (BASHFUL),

6 It’s always happening (CONTINUAL) that no lunatic (no lunatic = CONTINUAL) gets stitched up for this,

7 Remind you (prompt+u = -PROMPTU) I’m (IM-) leading on spur of the moment (IMPROMPTU),

8 It’s a bonus (EXTRA) getting former (EX-) painting back (art = -TRA),

14 No getting out of these (DEADLOCKS) hairs of late (DEAD LOCKS =  hairs of late person),

15 Little change (AMENDMENT) to tie mat (mat = AM-T) over men (-MEN-) near end (-END-),

16 Make breads (breads = bagels = S-LEBAG) with father (Dad = -ADD-) on horseback (SADDLEBAG),

18 Warns Diana (warns Di = INWARDS) to be patient here perhaps (patient IN WARDS),

21 Good for nothing (IDLER) made to ride (ride = ID-ER) around with L-plate (-L-),

23 They’re in a mess (RANKS) when they start fighting (RANKS),

24 Startled (ALARM) with frisky French ram (La ram  = ALARM),