Crosaire No 14842 by Crossheir – Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thu, Jul 26, 2012, 23:59



1 They’re in control (GOVERNMENT) in the house (GOVERNMENT)

6 I (I) leave the country (SPAiN) for a length of time (SPAN),

10 Infectious viral (POLIO) played without one (polio – I) on horseback (POLO),

11 It’s happening but not on television (OFF CAMERA),

12 Pour juices (BAST-E) over what’s not well (-ILL-) in Paris (BASTILLE),

13 Laid explosives upside down (mined = DENIM) in cowboy gear (DENIM),

15 The one (-I-) after Henry (HAL-) nevertheless (-BUT) is a bit fishy (HALIBUT),

17 Man (TOM) with young men (-BOYS) act like lads (TOMBOYS),

19 Her (Miss = MIS-) and Blaize (blaze = -FIRE), in a manner of speaking, won’t go off properly (MISFIRE),

21 Go for this at court (go FOR LOVE point/score at tennis) and not for reward (FOR LOVE),

22 Turn this street (St = -TS) and Alfred (Alf = FLA-) is on the rise (FLATS),

24 Terence (TER-RY) has it (it = -TI-) going back with a (-A-) level three (TERTIARY),

27 Crumbs! All on a roll (CROQUETTE) when station (RTÉ = -R-TE) gets makings of quote (quote = -OQUET-) of century (C-)

28 Not competent (INEPT) to put pet (pet = -EPT) in (IN-) together,

29 Fed up (fed = DEF-) why (-Y) we hear it’s to go against (DEFY),

30 Source of water (WELL) picked (CHOSEN) from clown’s heel (clown’s heel = WELL-CHOSEN).


1 Stare in wonder (GAPE) at page-turner (page = GAPE),

2 Worth a lot (VALUABLES) to save a bull (save a bull = VALUABLES),

3 Bats here during day (ROOST) with kangaroo (ROO-) at top of street (-ST),

4 Milton (Milton = M-ONLIT) has nothing (-O-) scene (seen), say, at night (MOONLIT),

5 In the worst taste (NAFFEST) a (-A-) party (-FF-) is caught in 3 down (roost = N-EST),

7 Spruce up (PREEN) to get name back after marriage (nee = -EEN) with public relations (PR-),

8 Close (NEAR) to the wife (missus = MISSES) we hear but never hits it off (NEAR MISSES never hits target),

9 Sick of the French at sea (French sick at sea = MAL DE MER),

14 Embarrassed (SHAMEFACED) putting together morning (AM) café (-E FAC-) in shed (SH-ED)

16 Makes man (Bill = BLI-L) make trouble (fuss = -SSFU-) to make very happy (BLISSFUL),

18 Won’t get a whiff (ODOURLESS) gets nothing (O-) with stern (-DOUR-) below (-LESS),

20 Name (ENTITLE) one’s own right (ENTITLE),

21 Genuine (FOR REAL) for (FOR) Shakespearean king (Lear = REAL) to make comeback,

23 A fool (A FOOL = ALOOF) mixed around to be cool (ALOOF),

25 Race (IRISH) to be ahead of one’s times (IRISH is ahead of Times),

26 Mad to get up (nuts = STUN) to knock unconscious (STUN).