Crosaire No 14841 by Crossheir – Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wed, Jul 25, 2012, 23:59



1 Bootlegging (PIRACY) private investigator (PI-) comes across what’s showing spirit (-RACY),

4 Won’t change opinion (OBDURATE) at our bed (at our bed = OBDURATE)

9 It’s safe (SECURE) to look (SE-E) over the mutt (-CUR-),

10 Not annoyed (GLAD) with bits (RAGS) of what’s best to wear (GLAD RAGS),

12 Is Twelfth Night (PLAY) a jest perhaps (A JOKE) or just a mischievous act? (PLAY A JOKE),

13 Friendly ridicule (ROAST) has nothing (-O-) to do with Tsar (TSAR = R-AST),

14 Number two (RIGHT-HAND MAN) not left (RIGHT) to give assistance to (HAND) gent (MAN),

18 Before noon (MORNING) shift (DRESS) this is very formal (MORNING DRESS),

21 It’s yours to carry (CROSS to carry) after nine (after nine = ten = X = CROSS),

22 Upheaval (MALESTROM) caused by master’s (MA-S) merlot (merlot = -EL-TROM),

24 Upon landing (UPSTAIRS) it’s another storey (UPSTAIRS),

25 To get to this insect (-ANT) it’s stomach turning (tum = MUT-) for a change (MUTANT),

26 Out of nothing (EX NIHILO) God perhaps made it from Latin (EX NIHILO),

27 Sounds like French television (La telly = LA TELY) in recent times (LATELY).


1 Hand around (PASS-) drink (-PORT) to get away with it (PASSPORT to get away),

2 About (RE-) rush (-CHARGE) on ones batteries (RECHARGE ones batteries),

3 See (C-) you (-U-) bring back oxygen (air = – RIA) from court (Roman CURIA is a court)

5 Santa’s helper (DANCER) goes to Indonesian island (Bali = BALLET) we hear to be on her toes (BALLET DANCER),

6 It’s not right (UNDERHAND) to be all fingers and thumbs (-HAND) behind what lies beneath (UNDER-),

7 Divine sort (AVATOR) of girl (AVA-) is holding the black stuff (-TAR),

8 Can’t be real (ERSATZ) turnabout (turn about = RE = ER-) for last letter (-Z) arriving at end of week (-SAT-),

11 Plain upright sort (ROMAN type font) with a figure (NUMERAL) for XIV perhaps (ROMAN NUMERAL),

15 On top of the house (TAOISEACH) temperature (T-) has a bombshell (SHOCK) we hear (T SHOCK = TAOISEACH),

16 Iron out (DE CREASE) a reduction? (DECREASE),

17 With some (-SOME) I try (I-TRY) to come across as having equal dimensions (ISOMETRY),

19 Charge with (ACCUSE) hearing what a queue is (a queue is = ACCUSE),

20 Family member (COUSIN) puts us (-US-) in the money (CO-IN),

23 Saves the air (SCUBA) for southern (S-) island (-CUBA).