Crosaire No 14839 by Crossheir – Monday, July 23, 2012

Mon, Jul 23, 2012, 23:59



8 Certain to finish (-SURE) after such a request (PLEA-) with satisfaction (PLEASURE),

9 Clare (CE-) in the end gets genuinely (-REAL) corny (CEREAL),

10 Please turnaround (please = ASLEEP) when unconscious (ASLEEP),

11 They get hurt (FEELINGS get hurt) with charge (FEE) for fishes (LINGS),

12 Make excessive demand (STRAIN) on transport (-TRAIN) going south (S-),

13 You’re (you’re = -UR) involved in how to design (CREAT-E) and it’s beastly (CREATURE),

15 Inside keep at (AT) father (D-A) for the facts and figures (DATA),

17 It’s no good (USELESS) to avail (USE-) of a smaller amount (-LESS),

19 Prudence (CAUTION) will have you (-U-) caught up in the battle (action = CA-TION),

22 Cold comfort (ICES) provides services in the end (servICES),

24 First of all (ORIGINAL) one drink (1 gin = -IGIN-) during viva voce (OR-AL),

27 Henchman (STOOGE) goes to (goes to = STOOGE) bits,

29 Put together scene (scene = EN-CES) for (-FOR-) what makes it happen (ENFORCES),

30 Have the measure (GALLON) of girl (GAL-) going to a part of London (-LON),

31 In my book (LEAVES in my book) they always fall down (LEAVES always fall down),

32 As usual (EVERYDAY) this doesn’t happen each night (EVERYDAY).


1 Lose (-LOSE-) in court (C-T) and hang here (CLOSET),

2 Find it intolerable (HATE) to receive birthday cards (MAIL) and no love letters (HATE MAIL)

3 Interrupts (SUSPENDS) the swans (pens = -SPEN-) gathering in the foam (SU-DS),

4 Preparation of senior student (prefect = PERFECT) couldn’t be better (PERFECT),

5 He (-HE-) comes to me (-ME-) after taking counsel (SC-) for plan of action (SCHEME),

6 It’s a (A-) right (-RT-) first of all (-IST) to be a poet (ARTIST),

7 Never out of bounds (KANGAROO is never out of bounds/jumps) in this court (KANGAROO court),

14 With these people (RACE) everyone can have a place (RACE),

16 Spanish agreement (yes = -SI-) between teetotallers (A-A) of the Orient (ASIA)

18 Hard to recognise (STRANGER) Irish soldier (-RANGER) at end of street (ST-),

20 Entrusted with (ASSIGNED) putting ones initials to it (AS SIGNED),

21 They’re on track (TROLLEYS) when goblin (TROLL-) finds a way of saying yes (YES = -EYS),

23 Conflicts (CLASHES) with him (-HE-) in school (CLAS-S),

25 Go over (go over = GROOVE) this and make a long narrow cut (GROOVE),

26 In short I see (-IC-) in the nest (N-EST) what’s most pleasant (NICEST),

28 Think the world (GLOBAL) of all (ALL = -L-AL) on bog (BOG = -G-OB-).