Crosaire No 14838 by Crossheir – Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sun, Jul 22, 2012, 23:59



1 Bars (COURTS) marshal we hear (marshal = MARTIAL) from trying for the army (COURTS-MARTIAL),

10 Street (-ST-) with nothing (-O-) for the wealthy (-RICH) will never take off (OSTRICH),

11 Not altogether in the end (NOT = -NTO) a reminder (MEMENTO) that I was there first, twice (MEME-),

12 Rush (REED) back to see it in the Phoenix Park (REED = DEER),

13 Doctor (G-P) is right (-R-) around (-O-) you (-U-) in therapy (GROUP therapy),

15 Unsettle the vermin (RATS = TSAR) with ruler (TSAR),

17 Force (AIR force) that’s music to the ear (AIR),

19 Fish eaters (OTTERS) arranged to rest (TO REST = OTTERS),

21 Something this base (ALKALI) has a tendency to be blue in the paper (ALKALI turns litmus paper blue),

22 He (CON-) gets discharged (-SENT) to get permission (CONSENT),

23 A miser (A MISER = ARMIES) sticks to ones guns (ARMIES), perhaps,

25 Flair (TALENT) for saying thanks (TA-) before Easter (-LENT),

27 In a hurry (HIE) to say hello (hi = HIE) we hear,

29 Waves (PERM) to stop someone’s hair stand on end, perhaps (PERM),

30 Sounds like prohibitions (bans = BANNS) on church reading (BANNS),

31 I’m  (M = MI-) going back up north (-NI) in a dress (MINI),

34 Sounds like you’ve asserted a right in Californian gold rush (staked a claim = ACCLAIM) and require public praise (ACCLAIM)

35 Raoul  (Raoul = RO-L-AU) contacts EU (-U-E-) about small change in the paper (ROULEAU),

36 Tennis (COURT) hack (REPORTER) in palace (COURT) about (RE) the Guinness (PORTER).


2 Secretly (ON THE QT) goes a little quiet (QT) on the (ON THE) end,

3 It’s not fine (RAIN) that hundreds (D) would make it clear (DRAIN)

4 Girl (SA-RA) has a laugh (-HA-) on the way to Oasis (SAHARA),

5 The weapon (ARM-) belonging to us (-OUR) is worn out (ARMOUR is worn on the outside),

6 Thanks (TA-) to me (-ME) you won’t find this in the wild (TAME),

7 Mean is a twisted way (mean is a  = AMNESIA) for getting this (for getting this = forgetting this = AMNESIA),

8 It’s of interest (of interest = OF APPEAL) how to curry favour (COURT) in front of three judges  (COURT OF APPEAL),

9 What happens in royal household (COURT INTRIQUE) arouses curiosity (INTRIGUE) behind bar (COURT),

14 Crude (OIL-) covering (-SKIN) is positively greasy on a boat (OILSKIN),

16 Going some of the way around (ARCED) currently (A-C-) in the red  (-R-ED),

18 Make great sacrifices here (ALTAR) where to meet someone you’d like to marry (ALTAR),

20 Found distressed letters (SOS) and called for help (SOS),

21 With the witches (coven) this leads to a contract (covenANT) that comes with a sting (ANT),

24 The book covers (MOROCCO leather popular book cover) doctor’s (MO) hold on legendary bird (-ROC-) and company (CO)

26 When it’s reported I (EYE) live (live = EVIL) it up – it looks bad (EVIL EYE),

27 Banging on with this (HAMMER) about communist standard (HAMMER and sickle = communist standard on flag),

28 Catch (ENTRAP) parent (parent = ENTRAP) in bits,

32 Honest (FAIR), the footballers (FAI-) got something right (-R),

33 Sounds (PURR) like the cat’s got its tongue, perhaps (PURR).