Crosaire No 14837 by Crossheir – Friday, July 20, 2012

Sat, Jul 21, 2012, 16:24



8 Bit of a blow (SNEEZE) wasn’t entirely expected (SNEEZE),

9 A barman perhaps (SON IN LAW) close to the family (SON-IN-LAW),

10 Don’t you believe him (LIAR) if he returns by rail (RAIL = LIAR),

11 Talk the hind leg off a donkey (= talks a lot = CHEW THE FAT) when the butter (THE FAT) arrives after the champ (CHEW),

12 It’s good humoured (JOVIAL) how Josephine (JO-) and Alan (-AL) have six (-VI) between them,

14 The cotton fabric, perhaps, (MOLESKIN) has a mark (MOLE-) to hide (-SKIN),

15 In the paper (CROSSWORD PUZZLE) this adds mystery (PUZZLE) to what’s said (WORD) with anger (CROSS)

18 Not cool (HEAT) to be near spots (RASH) where you get inflamed (HEAT RASH),

20 The root (RADISH) of this is that Diana (-DI-) is in more than one spot (RA-SH),

22 Expression (PHRASE) of a good volume (BOOK) to read in France and Germany (PHRASE BOOK),

24 Father (PAPA) repeats himself (PA-PA),

25 First (-IST-) in the sections (CELL-S) they play up in musicals (CELLISTS),

26 This involves the consequence (ENTAIL) that the chicken loses its head (HEN-) in the end (-TAIL).


1 Out of the blue (INDIGO) north returns (NI = IN-) to have dig (-DIG-) at nothing (-O),

2 Likes to lord it (PEER) that we hear E’s (E’s = -EE-) in public relations (P-R),

3 Give lecture (TEACH) to Bill at bar (LAW) on how to explain criminality (TEACH LAW),

4 The passage we hear in church (aisle = ISLE) about the water (ISLE),

5 Plant the idea (INSTIL) that there’s one (I) sign of learning (-L plate) at the institute (INST-),

6 It’s about the size of it (UNDERSIZED) that you didn’t fit in, perhaps (UNDERSIZED),

7 Feverish (MALARIAL) that there’s only room for one singing voice (-ARIA-) in the shopping centre (MAL-L),

13 It’s simply the banalities (BANALITIES = INSATIABLE) of not being able to stop eating (INSATIABLE),

14 Silence (-SH) at the end of March (MAR-) in the Wetlands (MARSH),

16 By the sound of it, it came back to you (RE-ECHOED) more than once in the past (RE-ECHOED),

17 Lovebird, lovebird, lovebird (lovebird = PARAKEET = repeats lovebird = parrot = PARAKEET),

19 It’s discrimination (AGEISM) that only four-year-olds do crosswords (AGEISM),

21 Gone bad (SEPTIC) in the short month (SEPT-) I see (-IC),

23 Dismiss (OUST) you (-U-) with nothing (O-) on the street (-ST),

24 Took this on (took PITY on) with sympathy (PITY),