Crosaire No 14836 by Crossheir – Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sat, Jul 21, 2012, 16:20



1 It’s not the same (DIFFERENCE) if this separates men and women (DIFFERENCE),

6 Clumsy people (OAFS = SOFA) are all arms and legs (SOFA),

10 Five (V-) is (-IS-) as (-AS) good a way as any to get them in (VISAS),

11 Sounds like not all (A PART) of this intends (MEANT) to be flat (APPARTMENT),

12 Pays no respect (VIOLATES) that the six (VI-) have nothing (-O-) on nights (-LATES),

13 Student (BA-) crime (-SIN) in the dock (BASIN),

15 Severe measure (DRASTIC), we hear, to bring old Mexican (Aztec = -ASTIC) to doctor (DR-),

17 It’s all put on (CLOTHES) that he’s (-HES) after the idiot (CLOT-),

19 Beside the Poles (ICE CAPS) these look really cool (ICE) on ahead  (on a head = CAPS)

21 Puzzle (CONFUSE) trick (CON) blows in the end (FUSE),

22 See red (INFRA red) before and below (written below = INFRA) this,

24 Girl (AVA-) picks up how to sieve dishes (-RICES) for material gains (AVARICES),

27 Pressure (TAX) to come back (RETURN) is annual liability (TAX RETURN),

28 I have (-IVE) a motivation (DRIVE) to go to the doctor (DR-),

29 Hear it’s the avenue (avenue = road = RODE) one went for a gallop (RODE),

30 Diet (PARLIAMENT) for overseas politicians (PARLIAMENT).


1 I’ve (-IVE) come across hundreds (D-) on the way down (DIVE),

2 Don’t bore (FASCINATE) Fás (FAS-) with mix-up at Nice (AT NICE = -CINATE),

3 E’s (E-) putting together sale (SALE = ASEL) to stand up for the artist (EASEL),

4 Bit of a stretch  (ELASTIC) that this won’t last (-LAST-) long in the ice (E-IC),

5 Finest (CLASSIC) school children (CLASS-) in corridor initially (in corridor = -IC),

7 Gives in to (OBEYS) opening (O-S) for governor (-BEY-),

8 Flabbergasted (ASTONISHED) and so is the (and so is the = ASTONISHED) arrangement,

9 Won’t listen to anyone (STUBBORN) that Robert (ROBB = -BBOR-) is twisted and in a daze (daze = STU-N),

14 Be responsible (ADMINISTER) for poster (AD-) for priest (-MINISTER),

16 Kettle goes to pot (TEA MAKER) when the team (TEA M-) dresses up the playboy (playboy = RAKE = -AKER),

18 No man of the house ever (HOUSEWIFE) cares about the home (HOUSEWIFE),

20 Make Saul (SAUL = S-ULA) put cover (-CAP-) in middle of blade (SCAPULA),

21 The sound that will make you cross (cross a sound of water = a CHANNEL) between the French and the English (CHANNEL),

23 It was arranged that the winner (FIXED) gave food to (F-ED) all nine (I-X-),

25 Put together aid (AID = -DIA) in (IN-) overseas (INDIA) development,

26 Talent (BENT) for being dodgy (BENT).