Crosaire No 14835 by Crossheir – Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wed, Jul 18, 2012, 23:59



1 In South Pacific (TAHITI) it (IT = T-I) has the makings of a hit (-AHIT-),

4 A sample (SPECIMEN) of growing vermin (MICE = -ECIM-) in small (S-) enclosure (-P-EN),

9 Some neck (neck = NEC-), say, to keep the black stuff (-TAR) sweet (NECTAR),

10 No right to be there (TRESPASS) when father’s (-PAS-) caught in her hair (TRES-S),

12 The Dangle Inn (DANGLE INN = IN ENGLAND) on the Thames (IN ENGLAND),

13 Related to fiddle (CELLO) that has nothing (-O) to do with what’s in Mountjoy (CELL-),

14 Wife put’s hand out (LADY’S FINGERS) for bits of a sponge (LADY’S FINGERS),

18 Good-looking (HOT) combination (CROSS) hairstyles (BUNS) go down well before Easter (HOT CROSS BUNS),

21 Keep quiet (WHIST) about the card game (WHIST),

22 This will remind you (RING A BELL) by the sound of it (RING A BELL),

24 Catch (-FIELD) the breeze (AIR-) on a soft landing after a high (AIRFIELD),

25 Confused vote (VOTE = OV-ET) is (IS = S-I-) but a memory of Russia (SOVIET) of old,

26 Pip’s absence (SEEDLESS) is unproductive (SEEDLESS),

27 Hurt one’s feelings (OFFEND) with rotten (OFF-) conclusion (-END).


1 Clear and definite (TANGIBLE) there’s drink (GIN = -NGI-) made on the table (TA-BLE),

2 Place in Madrid (HACIENDA) has developed a laugh (H-A) about end (-END-) of CIA (CIA = -ACI-),

3 Just ringing (TWANG) for a Chinese (-WANG) after tea (T-),

5 Show (PARADE) dirt (GROUND) on O’Connell Street on St Patrick’s Day (PARADE GROUND),

6 Note (CASH) comedians (CARDS) are supposed to work at bank (CASH CARDS),

7 It’s contemptible (MEASLY) to put me (ME-) in with a (-A-) clever one (-SLY),

8 How (-HOW) after son has turn (SON = NOS-) reservation goes missing (NO-SHOW),

11 Groups of influential people forming conspiracies (MAGIC CIRCLES) have crowds (CIRCLES) behind sorcery (MAGIC),

15 Publically it has already been decided (SHOW TRIAL) not to conceal (SHOW) experiment (TRIAL),

16 Julie (JULIE = JU-ILE) is upset over Nev (NEV = -VEN-) for being childish (JUVENILE),

17 Being so late (-SOLATE-) I’d (I-D) overlook it’s out of the way (ISOLATED),

19 Curses (SWEARS) having to model this (-WEAR-) in a ship (S-S),

20 It will be right (-R) in a bit (PIE-CE) to go through with (PIERCE),

23 Not really interested (ALOOF) in turning into a fool (A FOOL = ALOOF).