Crosaire No 14834 by Crossheir – Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tue, Jul 17, 2012, 23:59



8 A verse (ODE-) brings the leaders of secret service (-SS-) to Ukraine (ODESSA),

9 Silly person (LO-ON) is bearing witness (LOOKER-ON) to rebuilt old Greek statue (KORE = -OKER-),

10 Most of the golem (GOLEm = OGLE) doesn’t look nice (OGLE),

11 Put together duet (DUET = -TUDE) with me (-I-) is no longer an act (EX ACT-) that demands accuracy (EXACTITUDE),

12 Related we hear to male (male – mail = POSTAL) delivery service (POSTAL),

14 Father (REV = -VER) looks back to where (WHERE) any place will do (WHEREVER),

15 Be modest (KEEP YOUR SHIRT ON) as long as you don’t lose temper (KEEP YOUR SHIRT ON),

18 They’re all fingers and thumbs (PIANISTS) on the bench (PIANISTS),

20 Give permission to (-LET) power (ARM-) a band (ARMLET),

22 Not in one’s right mind (MAD) after being lively (HOPPING) and very angry (HOPPING MAD),

24 Is common (RIFE) with another fifty (L) for this really to go off (RIFLE = a rifle will fire),

25 A bit of a drag (TUG OF WAR) leading the little boat (TUG) of the navy (OF WAR),

26 In orderly fashion (NEATLY) Lyn is prepared (LYN = N-LY) to have tea laid out (TEA laid out = -EAT-).


1 Slow movement (ADAGIO) catches a soldier (-A GI-) in a party (A DO = AD-O),

2 Hear I’ll (ISLE) never be orange or white, only green (ISLE),

3 Later (LATER = -ATERL-) in court (W-OO) there was a battle over Belgium (WATERLOO),

4 Jump over (LEAP = PLEA) legal term perhaps (PLEA),

5 Does this mean to let one’s hair down (GOATEE) for a long face? (GOATEE = pointed beard),

6 Boils water (KETTLE) near tap (DRUM) in the orchestra (KETTLEDRUM),

7 Say goodbye (TOODLE-OO) to the Lou, perhaps (to the Lou = TOODLE-OO),

13 The types who never brought their togs to work (TYPING POOL) in what we hear were the Thai Ping (TYPING) baths (POOL),

14 No rests (WORKS) behind The Times (the operative part of the clock/the times = WORKS),

16 You (-U-) and the ego (EGO = -OG-E) are mixed up with a pile (PILE = EPIL-) at the end of the play (EPILOGUE),

17 Obsessive stocktaking (HOARDING) perhaps hiding much of what NAMA hopes to finish (HOARDING hiding unfinished building sites),

19 Not right (SIN-) to chop a tree (YEW = EWY) nearby that’s so powerfully built (SINEWY),

21 Embrace (ENFOLD) break up of marsh (FEN = ENF-) with nothing new (-OLD),

23 No more or better than (MERE) having me (ME-) about (-RE),

24 It’s about (RE-) advertisement (-AD) up on something (READ up on something).