Crosaire No 14833 by Crossheir – Monday, July 16, 2012

Mon, Jul 16, 2012, 23:59



8 Seana (SEANA = S-A –EAN) and the boy (BOY = -OY B-) get their protein in the Orient  (SOYA BEAN),

9 To study a loud (study aloud = READER) is an interest in volume (READER),

10 A sleuth  (SLEUTH = HUSTLE) will definitely step on it (HUSTLE),

11 Daring (INTREPID) to break Pinter (PINTER = -NTREPI-) in the papers (ID papers = I-D),

12 Get one in the eye (RETINA) when ‘E (-E-) is involved in a train wreak (TRAIN = R-TINA),

13 Nervous (AFLUTTER) about a little speculation (A FLUTTER),

15 The (THE) Orient (East = E) reminds you of the past (THEE),

17 Hear a swan yea (SOIGNEE) is an elegant French woman (SOIGNEE),

19 Disfigure mice (MICE = -EMIC) at the end (END-) of a disease that’s ever-present (ENDEMIC),

22 She (ROSE) forms her own columns (rows = ROSE) we hear

24 Heard it said by father (BLESS YOU) when you’re coming down with something (coming down with a cold/sneezing – say BLESS YOU),

27 Prepare in advance (PREMIX) pictures (P-IX) with a stage in sleep (-REM-),

29 You (-U-) and Albert (-AL) have an affair (EVENT-) in the end (EVENTUAL),

30 The story (TA-LE) about the teetotaller (-TT-) is just gossip (TATTLE),

31 No chance of a drink (-TT-) in the trunk (trunk of tree = BOLE = BO-LE) or the canteen (BOTTLE),

32 Looking at it a different way the census (the census is a -COUNT) is (-IS-) after you (V is after U = V-) Earl (VISCOUNT).


1 Sound (VOLUME) like this will take a bit of reading (VOLUME),

2 There’s old money (FARTHING) from a long way away (FAR-) fronting body (-THING),

3 Get someone else to do it  (DELEGATE) with the ambassador (DELEGATE),

4 Sounds like it’s into May (in to May = INTIMAE) and coatings for the veins (INTIMAE),

5 Awful  (BRUTAL) dead end (-RUT-) in the lab up there (LAB = B-AL),

6 It’s the right (PATENT) that father (PA-) has to stay near temporary accommodation (-TENT),

7 Sounds like a desperation to put it in the ground (BERIBERI) without vitamin B (BERIBERI)

14 Charges around golf course (FEES) after too many specialist coffees in the end (cofFEES),

16 For a brave woman (HERO) she (HER-) has nothing (-O),

18 From obscurity (OBLIVION) box office has turnabout (BO = OB-) when lion (-LI-ON) swallows all six (-VI-),

20 Looking after one’s own (NEPOTISM) pot (-POT-) buried in the disturbed mines (MINES = NEPOTISM),

21 In general (general ELECTION) is this about names on seats perhaps? (ELECTION),

23 Survive (OUTLIVE) not being at home (OUT-) and not die (-LIVE),

25 Archbishop’s authority (SE-E) extends to him (-NAT-) in the house (SENATE),

26 Certainly! (YOU BET) It’s what you do at the Curragh (YOU BET),

28 Be willing (INCLINE) to get rid of a hundred (C = INCLINE) when Indians file by (IN LINE)