Crosaire No 14832 by Crossheir – Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sun, Jul 15, 2012, 23:59



1 Money (CAPITAL) man (FELLOW) is grand chap all right (CAPITAL FELLOW),

10 Get rid (-R-ID-) of nothing (-O-) and it won’t have human touch (ANDROID),

11 Member of assembly (M-LA) has control of presidential home (ÁRAS = ARSA) in Sicilian cellar (MARSALA),

12 Sounds like this is a broken couple (broken in two = IN-TO) looking for teachers’ leaders (teachers’ leaders = INTO = Irish National Teachers Organisation)

13 With the Dutch giving good advice (Dutch UNCLE gives good advise) it’s relatively close (UNCLE),

15 If  (-I-F-) in saying hello (HI = H- -I) there’s maybe a good sound (HI-FI),

17 Short return (S.A.E. is short for a return ‘Stamped Addressed Envelope’) always comes back to you (S.A.E.),

19 Skilful (ADROIT) how a (A-) doctor (-DR-) gives it (-IT) nothing (-O-),

21 Roll (VIENNA roll) a six (VI-) and she’s come back (ANNE = -ENNA),

22 Whichever way you read it (VIS-À-VIS or VIS-À-VIS) it’s still relating to this (VIS-À-VIS),

23 Sample (SAMPLE = MAPLES) found in Canada for Pam (PAM = MAP-) to get back with Leslie (-LES),

25 Signs (ZODIAC) there is movement above us (ZODIAC),

27 The listener (EAR) goes on ahead (EAR goes on a head),

29 Manages (RUNS) to do it at Lords (RUNS),

30 Seize (ANNEX) girl (ANN-) attached to former partner (-EX),

31 On the face (SPOT) of it it turns back best (TOPS = SPOT),

34 With Faraday (F-) this is quite an attractive (FETCHING) impression (ETCHING),

35 Order (ARRANGE) the artist (RA = AR-) to turn back before reaching mountain (-RANGE),

36 Begins sentence (CAPITAL LETTER) when message (LETTER) arrives with the funds (CAPITAL),


2 A listener (AUDITOR) who reads books perhaps? (AUDITOR),

3 Sounds like this won’t work (idle = IDOL) for pop star (IDOL),

4 It’s what you pay extra for (ADD-ONS) to organise dad (DAD = ADD) to pick up son (SON = -ONS),

5 Seems like you’re going to hold this fish (FUMBLE fish) and then you’re not (seem like you’re going to hold … but then you’re not = FUMBLE),

6 There’s a piece of a pig (LARD) on the street (-RD) out of California (LA-),

7 No (O-) measure (-RATION) to what’s said (ORATION),

8 Dublin (CAPITAL) butchery (MURDER) has means (CAPITAL) to kill (MURDER),

9 Dublin and Belfast (CAPITAL CITIES) have wherewithal (CAPITAL) to connect to municipalities (CITIES),

14 A vehicle (CARAVAN) for artist (-RA-) to get involved in county (CA-VAN),

16 When it comes down to it (DIVES), he (D-ES) only has the four (-IV-),

18 Wouldn’t it be super for steward (SUPERVISOR) to pull it down to cover eyes (VISOR),

20 It’s (TIS) the right way to sit up (SIT = TIS),

21 In other words (VIZ) last letter (-Z) comes after six (VI-),

24 Father (PA-) broke a (-A-) cane (CANE = -NACE) to suit any remedy (PANACEA),

26 This isn’t the right effect (IMPINGE) devil (IMP-) has on girl (-INGE),

27 A puzzle (ENIGMA) why the north (-NI-) has such a little part in this shattered game (GAME = E-GMA),

28 Sounds like it’s all about (RE-) what’s behind the devil (-TAIL) in business (RETAIL),

32 Bird (KIWI) dressed in all black (KIWI rugby player),

33 It’s not right (TORT = TROT) to run back a little faster (TROT).