Crosaire No 14831 by Crossheir – Friday, July 13, 2012

Fri, Jul 13, 2012, 23:59



1 That last remark (PS-) to the saint (-ST) will get your attention (PSST),

4 Let fly with (FIRE) after what’s straight (LINE) in front of (OF) a certain death (LINE OF FIRE),

9 Did Shakespeare say those lads (FELLAS) fell as (FELL AS) gentle rain from heaven?

10 Hear you make a laugh (mock = MOCC-) of wrong doing (A SIN) on foot (MOCCASIN),

11 Prioritise (EMPHASIS) the mash and pies (MASH+PIES = EMPHASIS),

12 Looked closely at (PEERED) the contemporary (PEER-) going to see the editor (-ED),

13 This sounds like the bird (CROW) that wants to gloat (CROW),

15 Hear this (DIS-) slope (-INCLINE) with hundreds (D) is reluctant (DISINCLINED),

17 It’s the opposite (ANTITHESIS) of the (-THE-) little sister (-SIS) following the auntie, say (auntie = ANTI-),

19 Drag (TOW-) the north (-N) into Dundalk (TOWN),

20 Silly (STUPID) how the detective inspector (DI= -ID) puts (PUTS = STUP-) up with it,

22 Hear the music notes (high C’s = HIGH SEAS) way out in the Atlantic (HIGH SEAS),

25 Coffin frame, say (bier = BEER) in the lobby (HALL) has room to drink (BEER HALL),

26 Bump off this (MURDER) and it’ll kill you (MURDER),

27 No point keeping this to yourself (OPEN SECRET) as it’s off the latch (OPEN) and underground (SECRET),

28 It comes neat (neat = ANTE) before post at Curragh (ANTEpost)



2 Mist (STEAM) over me (I) and him (-RON) keeps everything smooth (STEAM IRON),

3 Perhaps what Don Quixote did say at windmills (tilt at windmills = TILTH) on farm (TILTH),

4 Leans (LISTS) towards fighting on horseback in the past (LISTS),

5 Seem those in sin (NEMESIS) will get what’s coming to them (NEMESIS),

6 Living there (OCCUPANTS) the commanding officer (CO = OC-) picks up copper (-CU-) and trousers (PANTS),

7 Kidney (FLAGEOLET bean) gets a tin whistle (FLAGEOLET = tin whistle)

8 Get a (-A) rise (R-ISE) out of poker (RAISE),

14 Whip her in (whip her in = WHIPPER-IN), say, shape and rounds up the dogs (WHIPPER-IN),

15 They dared (THEY DARED = DEHYDRATE) to go without water (DEHYDRATE),

16 Modern (NEW) man from Pretoria (SA GENT) has words with The Irish Times (NEWSAGENT has The Irish Times newspaper full of words),

18 Informed (SCHOLAR) to be in class (SCHOLAR),

21 Annoying person (TWERP) with an introduction (ANTWERP) is in Belgium,

23 A strong stomach (G-UT) for the span (GAMUT) of the morning (-AM-),

24 What flipping fish (RAY = -YR-A) is (IS = S-I-) doing in troubled country (SYRIA).