Crosaire No 14830 by Crossheir – Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thu, Jul 12, 2012, 23:59



 1 He’ll let you down when you’re done for (UNDERTAKER),

6 Have a go (STAB) when holy man (ST-) gets first letters (-AB),

10 At the end of the rule (LINE-) the north (-N) will just have to wear it (LINEN),

11 Scrambling up (SCURRYING) a tune (S-ING) about Indian food (-CURRY-),

12 Be familiar (KNOW WELL) that this sounds like Christmas (Noël = KNOW WELL),

13 Now is not the time (LATER) to say I do this without Christian values (IDOLATER),

15 How come they have a hole in them (BUCKETS have hole to fill) and they still hold water (BUCKETS)?

17 After a bit of meditation (YOGa) a pain (-HURT) to eat something sour (YOGHURT),

19 Get the wind up (TORNADO) when torn (TORN-) which way to go to a (-A-) do (-DO),

21 Treat there (THEATRE) and play there too (THEATRE),

22 Congregate (AMASS) in church (A MASS),

24 By the sound of it, this is told in a yarn (in a cord = IN ACCORD) as stated with (IN ACCORD),

27 Auditioning (TRYING OUT) to score (TRY-) while in (-IN-) acute pain with arthritis (-G OUT),

28 Even in the past (past TENSE) it makes one anxious (TENSE),

29 On trial (TEST) perhaps for playing international (TEST),

30 Best man (GOOD FRIEND) has fine (GOOD) end (END) to Friday (FRI) (FRI-END).



1 Awful (UGLY) guy (UG-Y) about fifty (-L-),

2 On track (DINING CAR on train) to serve meals on wheels (DINING CAR on train),

3 Restate we’re (we’re = RE-EW) in a position around the north (-N-) to reaffirm this (RENEW),

4 The keys (ANSWERS) to this is beyond questions (ANSWERS are beyond questions),

5 All the same (EQUALLY), one side is not better than the other (EQUALLY),

7 Shame (TAINT) it’s in (-IN-) a (-A-) centre without a drink (T-T),

8 Keeps an eye on politically ill (BIG BROTHER) or well (or well = George Orwell = BIG BROTHER),

9 To begin with (PROLOGUE) it’s in favour of (PRO) making a note of (-LOG-) Huey, say (Huey = -UE),

14 A (A) part (BIT) for Daddy’s (PA’S) little bird  (TIT) is just a little too old (A BIT PAST IT),

16 Turn pale (PALE = ELAP-) at chant (-SING) in passing (ELAPSING),

18 In a manner of speaking (UTTERANCE), a manner of speaking (UTTERANCE),

20 Orion (ORINO-) has company (-CO) and flower in South America (ORINOCO),

21 Pay tribute (TOAST-) to the editor (-ED) and get fired (TOASTED),

23 Buoy (BY), say, between a (A) boat (SS) just keeps going down (ABYSS),

25 Hear she’s been taken out (cut her = CUTER) because she’s prettier (CUTER),

26 Put an ear to this (LEND an ear) and you’ll get an advance (LEND).