Crosaire No 14829 by Crossheir – Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wed, Jul 11, 2012, 23:59



1 When the sun goes down (after Sunday it’s MONDAY) this comes up (after Sunday it’s MONDAY),

4 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 (numbers from 10 to 2 = TEN TO TWO) = 1350 (13.50 = TEN TO TWO),

9 In the end it’s (-ITS) following a rub (DIG-) in your hands (DIGITS),

10 No hostility (SYMPATHY) in with this (in SYMPATHY with),

12 Is this what Flyer Finch means (a CUTTHROAT is a Finch) to be ruthless? (CUTTHROAT),

13 I’ve (-IVE) an inversion (AN = NA-) to being gullible (NAIVE),

14 Am  (AM = MORNING) close to an honour (GLORY) that open’s early and is gone before noon (MORNING GLORY),

18 There’s far too much blown up (HYROGEN BOMB) about this gas (HYDROGEN) failure (BOMB),

21 Hear no longer (EX-) an island (isle = -ILE) refugee (EXILE),

22 Run down (WASHED-OUT) to leave you pale and tired (WASHED-OUT),

24 Faith (RELIGION) worships the man in charge (RELIGION),

25 Confused Sir?  (SI-R-) Are (-ER-A) you up for a rise in Spain? (SIERRA),

26 Makes bed on train (ROOMETTE) when there’s only mention of a woman (-ETTE) at end of lounge (ROOM-),

27 Turn to fall behind  (LAG = GAL-) the street (-WAY) in the west (GALWAY).



1 Gather up small amounts (MODICUMS) of mod music (MOD ICUMS = MODICUMS),

2 No value (NUGATORY) putting gun (GUN = NUG-) together for a (-A-) conservative (-TORY),

3 A desire (A ITCH) reportedly for a bit off the hem (bit off hem = H = AITCH),

5 Archaeologist looking for Niall say (archaeologist looking for Nile is an EGYPTOLOGIST), perhaps also looking for exclamation (exclamation = Tut = EGYPTOLOGIST looking for King Tut),

6 Game of rugby (TIP) and (AND) jog (RUN) to organise illegal dumping, perhaps (TIP-AND-RUN),

7 Interesting gossip (TITBIT) about the ones (-I-I-) with TB (-TB-) in the Isle of Man (T-T),

8 O (OXYGEN), it’s in the tent (OXYGEN tent),

11 Never … hear … the … end … of … this (LONG-DRAWN-OUT),

15 She (IVY) is with the syndicate (LEAGUE) going to Harvard (IVY LEAGUE)

16 Never comes to this (TOMORROW never comes) for Thomas (TOM) or (OR) the noise it makes (ROW)

17 It’s to die for (OBITUARY) in the paper (OBITUARY),

19 Dread (TERROR) it’s a mistake (-ERROR) to lose head (TERROR),

20 Huge amount (BILLY-O) even when William (BILLY-) gets nothing (-O),

23 By morning (AM) she (ERICA) is in Boston (AMERICA).