Crosaire No 14828 by Crossheir – Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tue, Jul 10, 2012, 23:59



8 God (THOR) finds gold  (AU) wordsmith (AUTHOR),

9 Pale C, say (Pale C = WHITE SEA) found in 26 across (WHITE SEA found in Russia),

10 Do what someone says (OBEY) and have nothing (O-) to do with the governor (-BEY),

11 You’re on your own (INDIVIDUAL) with this particular one (INDIVIDUAL),

12 Take turns if (IF = -FI-) in port (PORT = PRO-T) without loss (PROFIT),

14 Changeable (VARIABLE), so changeable (VARIABLE), very changeable (VARIABLE),

15 Cathartic crises (CHARACTERISTICS) is to do with the blood (CHARACTERISTICS),

18 Features (ARTICLES) just the things (ARTICLES),

20 Editor (ED) with double top (DART) is charged (DARTED),

22 Disciplines exercise horse at the bar? (floor exercise, pommel horse and horizontal bar = disciplines in GYMNASTICS)? This one requires mental agility (GYMNASTICS),

24 hello … hello… HELLO, (ECHO of the word hello) sounds of a nymph (ECHO),

25 Most irate (ANGRIEST) that there’s a form of exasperation (IRE = -RIE) in anxiety (ANG-ST),

26 What a state (RUSSIA) to put in place (put in place = Putin place = RUSSIA).


1 Dig it? (DIGIT = NUMBER) A song even (song = number),

2 Them (THEY) are one of the chromosomes (the y chromosome = THEY),

3 Imaginative (ARTISTIC) tis (-TIS-) in the middle of the little truck (AR-TIC),

4 Due (OWED) at the end of the episode, say (ode = OWED),

5 For a second (SILVER medal) it could be the knives and forks (SILVER)

6 The boy (MASTER) with the crown (HEAD) manages to go to school (HEADMASTER),

7 Came face to face (MET-) with everyone (-ALL-) I see (-IC) and hear jingling (METALLIC),

13 They’re not familiar (FOREIGNERS) with what’s contrary to what’s already here (FOREIGNERS),

14 It’s not a fuse (VIEWS) really, but it’s outlooks (VIEWS) are spectacular (spectacular VIEWS),

16 Russian? (HURRYING) No, silly, it’s pressing on (HURRYING),

17 Nudity (NUDITY) Sister (SR)! Business as usual (INDUSTRY),

19 Never again for them (never a gain for them =LOSSES) in graveyards and banks (LOSSES),

21 Not quite the race (ETHNIC) to rebuild the (THE = ETH-) nick  (nick = -NIC),

23 Broken in half (broken in two = IN TO) I suppose before the bargain (INTO the bargain). ,

24 Slightest change (LEAST) without fifty (L = LEAST) goes in a different direction (EAST).