Crosaire No 14827 by Crossheir – Monday, July 9, 2012

Mon, Jul 9, 2012, 23:59



8 A start (COMMENCE) for the hundred (C) men (MEN) who come around (come = COM-E),

9 On what basis (REASON) is it about (RE) the offspring? (A SON),

10 Not out (AT HOME) to get a (A-) book (TOME) we hear (tome = T- HOME = AT HOME),

11 Going over it again (REVISING) I chant (I SING = -ISING) after father (REV-),

12 This sounds awful (GRATER), but it’s got more than one rough side (GRATER has a number of rough sides),

13 This sounds rich (WELL-TO-DO) but is this to do with water? (to do with water = WELL-TO-DO),

15 E, E, E, E, E, E, E. (E’s = EASE) Calm (EASE) isn’t it?,

17 He (-ROD-) is in the middle (CO-RE) of the rust (CORRODE),

19 For the most part (LARGEST), make beer (LAGER = LARGE-) on this road (-ST),

22 It’s a bit rough (RASP) to grasp the end of it (gRASP),

24 Doctor (SURGEON) has tea (T) with the fishes (STURGEON),

27 Daddy (PA) picks up the cash (RENT) for The Guardian (PARENT),

29 Rest (REST) at (AT) the editor (ED). Rest at the editor (RESTATED),

30 Chill room (REEFER) informally for an illicit smoke (REEFER),

31 Agh,  (AGH) a (A) saint (ST)! It’s staggering (AGHAST),

32 One dividing the ex’s (XIX = NINETEEN) and one close to a score (one close to the score = one close to twenty = NINETEEN).



1 Tamper with (DOCTOR) for the minister (DOCTOR),

2 I’m (IM-) just a pretender (IMPOSTER) looking for notice say (poster = -POSTOR),

3 Loved (ENDEARED) when what’s precious (DEAR) is trapped in a form of paradise (EDEN = ENED),

4 He’s (HE-S) had a nice cup of tea (BREW) and makes sense of ancient people (HEBREWS),

5 Stones (GRAVEL) musician (RAVEL) with a G-scale (G),

6 Looking back the girl (TESSA) comes across the bishop (B) and a dog (BASSET),

7 Violent reactions (TORNADOS) when you find the currency (RAND) in the soot (SOOT),

14 What else (ELSE = EELS) is fishy (EELS)?

16 Reduces drag (AERO) and therefore is not quite a hero (A HERO missing H = A ERO),

18 Way out in a roundabout way say (Way out = OUT WEIGH) when off set (OUTWEIGH),

20 Plain to see (APPARENT) that this needs air, say, to start succession (air = heir = heir APPARENT = succession),

21 The men (G-ENTS) have more than a hand (-ARM-) in the gear (GARMENTS),

23 Pain-killing drug (ANODYNE) won’t leave you annoyed (annoyed = ANODYNE),

25 Service (RITUAL) for you (U) and Alan (AL) after tea (T) with Brian Boru (Irish king = RI),

26 Live on it (ESTATE), die without it (on your death you leave your ESTATE), in a manner of speaking,

28 Wanted (NEEDED) to hear this is what to do with dough (kneaded = NEEDED).