Crosaire No 14826 by Crossheir – Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sun, Jul 8, 2012, 23:59



1  1pm, 2pm, 3pm (TIME), left, right, left, right (MARCHES ON) to progress steadily onward (TIME MARCHS ON)

10 To say it’s an honour of late from Government is a lie (an honour of the dead from Government is a lie IN STATE)

11 Shots in the arm (STIMULI) will limit us (LIMIT US = STIMULI),

12 Near (=EARN) one’s keep (EARN one’s keep),

13 Pick head off dessert (tRIFLE) and ransack through rest (RIFLE through),

15 Do (FETE) put your feet in it (FEET = FETE),

17 What’s here (HEAR), in a manner of speaking, is gossip (HEARSAY), in a manner of speaking (SAY),

19 Move heaven and earth (UPROOT) in favour (UP-) of carrot (-ROOT),

21 Does Mike sound Czech, say (mike sound check = ONE-TWO), with play at stadium (a score = ONE-TWO),

22 Little sister (SIS) in on fire in Gaeltacht (TINE) and in Rome (SISTINE),

23 Quarrel with (OPPOSE) headless deer (mO-OSE) surrounding father (-PP-),

25 Goes into (ENTERS) the trees (TREES = E-TERS) around the north (N),

27 The dog (LAB) always gets a reaction (reaction in the LAB),

29 Remember (MEMOry) the bit about the letter (MEMO),

30 From the inferno (HELL), a round (O) greeting (HELLO),

31 With a postscript (-PS) they’re long walks to take (TRAMps) it back to bazaar (bazaar = MART TRAM),

34 Gets someone’s back up (NEEDLES) because they have to have (NEED) Leslie (LES),

35 Pave the way (USHER IN) for Dáil worker (USHER) inside (IN),

36 Again and again (TIME AFTER TIME) it’s 1400 following 1300 (TIME AFTER TIME)


2 Looking back, right (-R), sure (-SURE-) in (IN-) promising to pay compensation (INSURER),

3 The tale (TALE = ET AL) of the others in Latin (ET AL),

4 Little port in Egypt (ALEX) is (IS) called after him (ALEXIS),

5 Can’t afford (COSTLY) to get to grips with all the company (CO-) style (STYLe = -STLY),

6 Turn the tide (TIDE = EDIT) for a change (EDIT),

7 Well, that’s to do  (well-to-do = OPULENT) when not from Sparta (not spartan = OPULENT),

8 Back when God knows when (=time immemorial = TIME OUT OF MIND), no memory (OUT OF MIND) after midnight (TIME),

9 Dinner break (TIME CONSUMING) doesn’t leave a minute (TIME-CONSUMING),

14 Word-for-word (FACTUAL) it’s true (FACTUAL),

16 They raise their hands, swear (POSSE) and then they chase you (POSSE),

18 Not at the beginning (ON END) and generally gone for days (gone for days ON END),

20 Be neck-and-neck (TIE) with couple (TIE),

21 Time (1 = ONE) of a kind (ONE of a kind),

24 This is one (I) that is (IE) taken up (EII) after ceremony (POMP) in ancient city (POMPEII)

26 A murder (a murder =EARDRUM) on ahead (on a head = EARDRUM),

27 Not as much off (LESS OFF = LESS OFF) as you’d think (think LESS OF),

28 Barrister (BL-) makes use (-USE) of nothing (-O-) and takes the shirt off your back (BLOUSE),

32 Or otherwise (ELSE), you’re left with sediment (LEES = ELSE),

33 A little house (-HUT) close (SHUT) to the south (S-),