Crosaire No 14825 by Crossheir – Friday, July 6, 2012

Fri, Jul 6, 2012, 23:59



1 It’s issued in the middle of the smorgasbord (smorgASBOrd) order (ASBO: anti-social behaviour order),

4 Rush forward to (CHARGE) what comes in the post (CARD) is plastic (CHARGE CARD),

9 In deed (deed = DE -DE) it’s South Africa (SA) that’s renowned for its cruelty (DE SADE)

10 Man from Beirut (LEBANESE) takes a lease (LE-A-SE) on high mountain in Scotland (BEN),

11 Alf (ALF) can come up with a score (score = RESCO) and it’s all in the open (ALFRESCO),

12 Are in agreement  (TREATY) that it sounds like a tee near the tree (tree tee = TREATY),

13 Helps you see (IRIS) that it’s for the most part from Ireland (IRISh),

15 To suggest the broken ladder (LADDER = ALDERD) went to the bash  (B-ASH) is nonsense (BALDERDASH),

17 Biblical punishment (STONE) for mothers (MAS) on (ON) one who builds walls (STONEMASON),

19 Route, say (ROOT), that leads to the square (square ROOT),

20 On their own they’re made by hand (CRAFTS), with a song (AIR) they’re made to fly (airCRAFTS),

22 The melee (-MELE–E) is over the top (OTT) and broke some eggs (OMELETTE),

25 No use looking for hens here (STAG HUNT) on this chase (HUNT) dear (= deer = STAG), say,

26 Ronald (R-ON) has a piece of cloth (BIB) and strip of fabric (RIBBON),

27 Share options (GOING DUTCH) making one’s way (GOING) to The Hague (DUTCH),

28 I’m (-IM-) a bit of a coward (WIMP) when surrounded by person who produces lots of texts (produce texts on Word processer Processors =W-P =)


2 Suspect deception (SMELL A RAT) in small tear (small tear = SMELL A RAT),

3 Where the planes float (ON AIR) on the radio (ON AIR),

4 Hundreds (C-) are ahead of him (-HE-) on board (CHESS) ship (-SS),

5 It’s a complete (ALL) yarn (WOOL) about you (EWE is ALL WOOL), so to speak,

6 At everyone’s side (GO-BETWEEN) in the middle of nowhere (GO-BETWEEN), perhaps,

7 A little raw (-TENDER) after sting (CON-) but could still be champion (CONTENDER),

8 Change the reading (RESET) about (RE) the crowd (SET),

14 Said with some affection about him (SON OF A GUN) that the canon has a baby  (SON OF A GUN),

15 Turkey (BOMB) patrol (SQUAD), perhaps, diffuses most situations (BOMB SQUAD),

16 Stop Homer (SHORT POEM) for a little verse (SHORT POEM),

18 What fire means (SHOOT AT) when you photograph (= SHOOT) a (A) tea (T), say,

21 Two to one (RATIO) says there’s a riot (a riot = RATIO),

23 See it in space (EARTH) and in the dirt (EARTH),

24 You might need a nudge (ELBOW) on this one to twist your arm (ELBOW).