Crosaire No 14824 by Crossheir – Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thu, Jul 5, 2012, 23:59



1 Swinging time (SUSPENDING) for shaggy cat (PUSS = SUSP-) before closing (-ENDING),

6 Is this lawful (BILL) how the Government passes the buck (BILL) in both Houses? (BILL has to pass both Houses to become law),

10 I’m (ME) in bed (CO-T) travelling in the sky around the sun (COMET),

11 Honest to goodness (NUTRITION) that’s what I turn into (I turn into = NUTRITION),

12 Does this mean on top of (HEAD) being an ass (BRAY) in Wicklow? (BRAY HEAD),

13 The Pole (TOTEM pole) needs to sum (TOT) ‘em  (EM) up,

15 It’s half-baked (WITLESS) when the comedian (WIT) doesn’t get as much (LESS),

17 Three-foot (YARD) weapon (ARM) on board (YARDARM),

19 Can’t relax (TENSE UP) when the grammar (TENSE) is informed on (UP on),

21 Hawthorn (MAY-) festival (-FAIR) in London (MAYFAIR),

22 A fuss (HOO-HA) to hear who (who = HOO-) gets a laugh (-HA),

24 It’s a little short (not a tall = NOT AT ALL) but don’t mention it (NOT AT ALL),

27 Keeping away from (AVOIDANCE) a (A) gap (GAP) with a twisted cane (CANE = ANCE),

28 The story (TA-LE) about the little bee (B) in the restaurant (TABLE),

29 Sounds like the basis for a cheese (curd = KURD) made in the Middle East (KURD),

30 Greens (GREENS = -SENGER-) are in a mess (MES-S) and have sent for the postmen (MESSENGERS),


1 Work out (no work = SACK) you have to go (SACK),

2 Won’t pass you by (SAMARITAN) if devil (SA-TAN) is about to scar (-MAR-) one (-I-),

3 Open to carp (carpENTRY) swimming in wood (carpENTRY), perhaps,

4 Of course, of course, (courses = DINNERS) they’re on the table (DINNERS),

5 Famously (NOTEDLY) it’s only (ONLY = NO-LY) about Edward (-TED-),

7 Fool (IDIOT) me twice (I+I) with a small round spot (-D-OT),

8 Remember from way back (LONG MEMORY) Nelly has it all (Nelly the elephant has a LONG MEMORY),

9 Sounds like it’s a bit early (bit early = BITTERLY) to be worse with a cold (BITTERLY cold),

14 The ups and downs (SWITCHBACK) of having sorceress (-WITCH-) and bee (-B-), say, in the same sack (S-ACK),

16 Hear I (EYE-) see (-C-) him (-ANDY) as attractive (EYE CANDY),

18 Hides face say (a veil = AVAIL) and able (ABLE) to be at hand (AVAILABLE),

20 Does this mean to be sorry for oneself? (PENANCE),

21 On hand (MITTENS) when smitten (MITTENS),

23 A distinctive nose (ODOUR) in Portugal’s Douro (ODOUR),

25 Person with great strength (TITAN) finds it (IT) in colour (T-AN),

26 Sounds like you only cross them (cross t’s = TEAS) when they’re drunk (TEAS).