Crosaire No 14823 by Crossheir – Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wed, Jul 4, 2012, 23:59



1 Nothing on this (NUDISM) but skin and bone (NUDISM),

4 Asks a wit (asks a wit = SWASTIKA) for a sign of past times (SWASTIKA),

9 Be on your guard (BEWARE) that the queen (BE-E) has control of the conflict (WAR),

10 At last (ALSO-RANS) the underachievers (ALSO-RANS),

12 Lisa (LISA) and Beth’s (BETHS) coming together is a setup (ESTABLISH),

13 Sobs (CRIER) about his say in court (CRIER),

14 No getting through (ARMOUR-PLATED) protection worthy of thanks (tanks), in a manner of speaking (ARMOUR PLATED tanks),

18 Moves houses (ESTATE AGENCY) for firm at, perhaps (E-STATE AGENCY),

21 Ignore bet (bet) you will get letter (ALPHAbet) from Greece (ALPHA),

22 It’s split opinion (EDITORIAL) among letters (EDITORIAL),

24 There’s no pleasing purist (STICKLER) nun (S-R) with frog in her throat (-TICKLE-),

25 Ben (EN-B) and Tom (TOM) are inside for eternity (ENTOMB),

26 Does this mean the Ottomans (LEG-RESTS) walked their enemies off their feet? (LEG-RESTS),

27 Kind (TYPE) about (RE) what has to be re-entered (RETYPE).


1 Neon (NOBLE GAS) sign for ‘No Bagels’ (NOBLE GAS),

2 Does unhappy (DOWN) hour (TIME) mean the computer has taken a break? (DOWNTIME),

3 Hardy in the garden (SCRUB), hard in the kitchen (SCRUB)

5 No honour in paying (=WELSH) for the unusual (RARE-) bit (-BIT) at the end of snack (WELSH RAREBIT),

6 Man from Edinburgh (SCOTCH) is good one (good EGG) to put together snack (SCOTCH EGG),

7 Long sloping face (ITALIC) is never straightforward (ITALIC),

8 Swear (ASSERT) had a right (-R-) look in the asset (ASSE-T),

11 Hear what this place meant  (this place meant = DISPLACEMENT) when an other takes your place (DISPLACEMENT),

15 In shade of the sun (UNS-) there’s a comb (SHACKLE) that’s free (UNSHACKLE),

16 Foreigner (ANTIBODY) targeted in breakdown of Trojan horse perhaps (Trojan horse = computer virus; virus needs ANTIBODY),

17 Sylvester (Syl = SYLL) seems able (ABLE) to put a word together (SYLLABLE),

19 A thousand (M) in the Dales (=DA-SEL) in distress (DAMSEL in distress),

20 This is bound (SPRING) to jump up and down (SPRING),

23 Amount to very little (OUNCE) once (ONCE) you (U) get together.