Crosaire No 14822 by Crossheir – Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tue, Jul 3, 2012, 23:59



8 Little bird (PIE) behind wet clay (MUD) goes down well in Mississippi (MUD PIE),

9 Is this what the earwig (OVERHEAR) said about the GIs, reportedly, once in Britain? (Over here = OVERHEAR)

10 How to start a children’s story (ONCE upon a time) one time (ONCE),

11 Promises to pay dues (UNDERWRITE) but in not so many words (UNDER WRITE),

12 Chile’s (= CHISEL) going to swindle someone out of something (CHISEL),

14 Bored say (bored = board = SANDWICH board) with bread buttered on both sides (SANDWICH),

15 No need to square anything in pole position (ANTARCTIC CIRCLE) way down south (ANTARCTIC CIRCLE),

18 Holding strong opinion (OBDURATE) that it’s nothing (O-) for twisted Dubliner (DUB = -BDU-) to get percentage (-RATE),

20 What the cat (cat = A-C-T) did (-DD-I-) for the pothunter (pot hunter = ADDICT), perhaps,

22 No standing still for these travellers (JET-SETTERS) following spurt (JET-) with dogs (SETTERS),

24 Get wind (wind = gale = GAEL) of what it’s like to be Irish (GAEL),

25 By the end of the week (SAT-) you (-U-) measure (-RATE) it’ll hold water up to a point (SATURATE),

26 Assert publically (AFFIRM) I’ve one (-I-) arm (A-RM) around Fianna Fáil (-FF-)


1 Take the edge off (QUENCH) part of line up (QUEue) to National Concert Hall (-NCH),

2 Primate (AP-E) holds position (position = south = -S-) in church (APSE),

3 It’s about (RE-) being civil (-PUBLIC) when the holy shroud (RE-LIC) is all over the bar (-PUB-)  (REPUBLIC),

4 While he has a seat of his own (TOADstool), he’s not nice (TOAD)

5 We hear new (NEU-) man (-RON) released from cell is nervy (NEURON),

6 Winner missing (THIRD) in this sphere (WORLD) in Latin America, perhaps (THIRD WORLD),

7 There’s a (-A-) lunatic (N-UTICAL) loose at sea (NAUTICAL)

13 Striking (STATUESQUE) what little Stewart (ST-U-) equates (EQUATES = –ATUESQ-E) to,

14 It’s a little flat (SUITE) but Sue (SU-E) has it (-IT-)

16 Peer (NOBLEMAN) at one of them at Lords? (NOBLEMAN),

17 Master of ceremonies is mixed up (MC = C-M-) with annals (ANNALS = -LANS-AN) for old Irish (CLANSMAN),

19 Artist (-RA-) at last (last = AST-L) is over us all (what’s ASTRAL is over us all),

21 Optimistic (CHEERY) why (-Y) we hear it after applause (CHEER-),

23 Always (EVER) never ends for (forEVER) this,

24 Show talent (GIFT) if (-IF-) in a car (G-T).